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Topic: iPhone 3G S

Blockbuster iPhone 3GS sales resulting in constrained inventories

07/21/2009, 07:07 pm

After selling 5.2 million iPhones in fiscal Q3, including a million units that sold in the first three days, Apple has announced being "unable to make enough 3GSs to meet demand."


First iPhone 3GS jailbreaking tool available for download

07/03/2009, 09:07 am

George Hotz, the 19-year old wiz kid who made headlines two years ago for being the first to successfully unlock Apple's original iPhone all by himself, is again drawing the spotlight for creating and releasing the first-ever jailbreaking tool for the new iPhone 3GS.


iPhone 3GS marked AT&T's "best-ever sales day"

07/02/2009, 05:07 pm

According to an AT&T company memo, the launch of the iPhone 3GS wasn't just a banner sales day for the carrier this year but broke records for any single day of retail sales in the company's history -- including for already stellar iPhone sales.


iPhone overheating problems could see aid from new patent

07/02/2009, 05:07 pm

As reports of battery problems causing discoloration on the white model iPhone 3GS continue to grow, a patent from Apple published for the first this week looks to address both internal and external elements that could have adverse effects on a device's power source.


iPhone Software 3.1 to deliver new video and Voice Control features

07/01/2009, 09:07 am

Apple on Tuesday began testing the first maintenance update to its new iPhone 3.0 software, which patches a handful of bugs but also introduces new features tied to video, Voice Control, and the handsets vibration mode. [Updated with info on saving video email attachments and better battery life.]


White iPhone 3GS units discoloring from excessive heat

06/30/2009, 06:06 pm

Some owners of Apple's latest iPhone have been dealt a rude surprise just days after launch as models with white backs have been changing colors after frequent use.


Apple ups stake in iPhone graphics chip designer

06/26/2009, 09:06 am

Apple has increased its holdings in Imagination Technologies, the chip designer responsible for the graphics technology inside the iPhone and iPod touch, and now holds a combined 9.5% stake in the company.


iPhone 3GS spurs 400% increase in mobile video uploads to YouTube

06/25/2009, 02:06 pm

If there was any doubt that that the video recording and upload capabilities of Apple's new iPhone 3GS would signal a new chapter in mobile video sharing, the first statistics quantifying its impact are in, and they're impressive.


Apple undersells, over-delivers on iPhone 3GS speed - report

06/24/2009, 03:06 pm

In controlled JavaScript Web site renders, the iPhone 3GS is nearly three times as fast as the iPhone 3G and Palm Pre, and 5.5 times faster than the T-Mobile G1, according to a new study, which also reveals that the iPhone 3.0 software alone has a dramatic impact on the speed in which an iPhone 3G renders websites.


Cost to build Apple's new iPhone 3G S estimated at $179

06/24/2009, 12:06 pm

Apple's component and manufacturing costs for its new 16GB iPhone 3G S falls within $5 of those required to build last year's 8GB iPhone 3G, this despite a doubling of the handset's built-in storage capacity and the addition of several new components, according to a new tear-down cost analysis.


Apple has Psystar's lawsuit stay lifted; Palm Pre unhurt by iPhone

06/23/2009, 06:06 pm

Psystar's hopes of stalling Apple's lawsuit have crumbled as the Mac maker has successfully overturned the court stay on its case. At the same time, Apple's legal hammer has been falling on iTunes gift card fraud, and the Palm Pre continues to sell out even with the iPhone 3GS threatening to pull customers away.


AT&T Navigator turn-by-turn GPS solution hits the App Store

06/23/2009, 12:06 pm

AT&T on Tuesday became the latest player to attempt to capitalize on what's sure to become a multi-million dollar market for iPhone-based turn-by-turn GPS driving solutions, launching its AT&T Navigator software on the App Store.


12% of early iPhone 3G buyers report ditching their BlackBerry

06/22/2009, 12:06 pm

Approximately 12% of consumers who visited a retail store this past weekend to make their iPhone 3G S purchase said they were replacing a BlackBerry handset, the latest sign that Apple continues to make headway against rival Research in Motion in the high-stakes smartphone market.


Apple sells over 1 million iPhone 3G Ss in first three days

06/22/2009, 08:06 am

Apple said Monday that it sold over one million iPhone 3GS models during the first three days the handset was on the market, while its new iPhone 3.0 software was downloaded by six million customers in the first five days since its release.


Review: Apple's new iPhone 3G S and iPhone Software 3.0

06/22/2009, 08:06 am

With another year of mobile development under its belt, Apple has released another major update to its mobile operating system and introduced the new iPhone 3G S hardware to entice new buyers and another flurry of upgrades. Here's what's new.


iPhone 3G S faster than Palm Pre; 500K sales "conservative"

06/19/2009, 06:06 pm

A series of benchmarks have shown that Apple's latest iPhone is so fast that it outpaces not just the older iPhone but Palm's self-proclaimed speed champ, the Pre. Sales are also poised to break speed records as new estimates suggest that Apple will sell significantly more than 500,000 iPhone 3G S units this weekend.


Buying a new iPhone 3G S in twenty minutes

06/19/2009, 02:06 pm

The original iPhone defined a new height of spectacle in consumer electronics launches. With the release of the iPhone 3G S, Apple has managed to keep the media circus surrounding its new smartphones engaged for the third year in a row, and has greatly improved its in-store processing.


Apple warns iPhone 3G S activations may take up to 2 days

06/19/2009, 01:06 pm

In a near repeat of problems that plagued last year's iPhone 3G launch, Apple's iPhone activation servers are showing signs of buckling under the pressure of hundreds of thousands of customers who are attempting to activate their new handsets and warning of delays that could span two days.


AT&T: iPhone 3G S pre-orders in the "hundreds of thousands"

06/19/2009, 10:06 am

Although some of its retail stores on the east coast have already run dry of their initial allotment of iPhone 3G Ss, Apple's exclusive U.S. wireless provider AT&T tells AppleInsider that it sold "hundreds of thousands" of the new touch-screen handset during its online pre-order process.


Second iPhone 3G S tear-down filmed with another iPhone 3G S

06/19/2009, 10:06 am

Not to be outdone by an earlier dissection, the tear-down experts over at iFixit came up with the intriguing idea of filming their own iPhone 3G S dismantling with the new video camera on a second iPhone 3G S.