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Topic: Nokia

Nokia, Apple iPhone to lock horns at last on Thursday

09/29/2008, 07:09 pm

After remaining near-silent as iPhone and other touchscreen cellphones took control of the high-end media phone business, Nokia on Thursday will try and reclaim what was once its own with its first touchscreen cellphone.


No subscription iTunes at event; Macs high priority in enterprise

09/03/2008, 07:09 pm

Hopes for an all-you-can-eat iTunes music service should be dashed this time around, according to purported insiders. Meanwhile, the corporate world says in a new study that integrating Macs into their businesses is one of their top priorities.


Microsoft 10K warns of iPhone, Mac threats as iPhone nears 1.1% share

08/03/2008, 10:08 am

A Microsoft filing with the US government reveals a newfound worry that the Windows developer's traditional stance of selling software alone won't work against an increasingly profitable Apple -- a concern that may magnify as iPhone 3G pushes Apple's cellular market share past one percent worldwide.


Telecoms fight for the right to party with iPhone 3G

08/02/2008, 10:08 am

Apple's iPhone 3G is exciting more than just tech-savvy consumers wanting to play with the latest gadget. Worldwide, mobile service providers are fighting tooth and nail for the right to sell the new iPhone because of its ability to attract new customers and sell them on data service plans, which providers have previously found to be a difficult sell.


Apple now the world's No. 3 smartphone vendor

06/06/2008, 02:06 pm

Apple during the first quarter of 2008 rode the booming smartphone market to sales of more than 1.7 million iPhones, good enough to make it the No. 3 manufacturer of multi-function handsets worldwide, according to a report released Friday by market research firm Gartner.


iPhone Optus rumor; Apple TV allows movie sales; Mac web share

05/01/2008, 06:05 pm

Apple may use Australia as a testbed and sell the iPhone as a non-exclusive in the country, says one report. Meanwhile, Apple has enabled direct movie purchases from the Apple TV, Mac and iPhone web share has dropped in April as the iPhone becomes Flickr's top cameraphone. Also, Apple is moving some of its support efforts from California to Texas, and new iMacs have been tested against earlier models.


Apple considering premium for unlimited iPhone, iPod music

03/18/2008, 08:03 pm

A longtime opponent of subscription music services, Apple is reportedly exploring the possibility of charging extra for iPhones and iPods in exchange for unlimited iTunes Store access.


Motorola may bow out of cellphones, aid Apple and rivals

01/29/2008, 06:01 pm

After struggling for years to regain the success it had with the RAZR, Motorola may soon quit the cellphone industry altogether, according to research by a Nomura investment analyst.


Apple shares touch $200; new iPhone panels in spring?

12/26/2007, 05:12 pm

Shares in Apple Inc. temporarily broke the $200 barrier as investor enthusiasm took hold. Meanwhile, Apple may receive new iPhone touchscreen panels just in time for a potential model upgrade next year.


French iPhone launch; potential Nokia dispute; Black Friday visits

11/28/2007, 06:11 pm

The iPhone's launch in France was marked by large lines and a VIP visit. Meanwhile, Nokia may square off against Apple if it releases a touchscreen phone, and Apple has overtaken Dell in Black Friday site traffic.