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Topic: P.A. Semi

Apple's PA Semi working on ARM chip for next-gen iPhone

09/15/2008, 11:09 am

The boutique chip design firm purchased by Apple earlier this year has been tasked with developing a specialized ARM processor for the next-generation iPhone, one of the company's engineers has revealed.


Apple suspected in new deal for PowerVR graphics in multi-touch devices

09/04/2008, 02:09 pm

Apple is believed to have extended a deal with Imagination Technologies that will see graphics cores from the chipmaker situated in future multi-touch devices for years to come.


ARM reports finger Apple as 'long term architecture licensee'

07/30/2008, 03:07 pm

Apple's clear interest in securing the rights to develop custom mobile processors based on the ARM platform appear to sync with comments made in financial reports published earlier today.


Piper on mid-June 3G iPhone; 1 in 4 waiting for new model; more

05/20/2008, 07:05 pm

Users should expect only modest improvements in a 3G iPhone but a quick launch, according to a new Piper Jaffray research note. Nonetheless, a study says a quarter of iPhone buyers may be waiting on that upgrade. Also, Apple will open a new Florida store this week; a new iPod nano fix is ready; and the US Department of Defense is eyeing Apple's takeover of PA Semi.


iPhone for Spain; PA Semi; Mac share; mobile phone sales fall

05/19/2008, 11:05 am

Apple has reportedly reached an agreement to bring the iPhone to Spain through Telefonica Movistar. Meanwhile, it's also reported that Apple will support PA Semi's existing chips for the military; the Mac boasts a huge retail share of computers price over a grand; and mobile handset sales fell in the US last quarter.


NBC prefers Zune DRM [U]; VMware beta; iMac's 10th birthday

05/07/2008, 07:05 pm

NBC has persuaded Microsoft to filter out copyrighted material in its Zune jukebox while Apple refuses the same. Also, PA Semi has allegedly been bought out to design a future chip; VMware has released the first beta of Fusion 2; YouTube is offering iTunes referral links; the iMac has celebrated its tenth anniversary; and AppleInsider is giving away 500 free EverNote invites.


Apple's bionic ARM to muscle advanced gaming graphics into iPhones

04/30/2008, 05:04 pm

The next generation of iPhone appears set to claim exclusive access to advanced graphics core and video decoding technology, thanks to a secret licensing deal between Apple, mobile graphics leader Imagination Technologies, and Samsung, the iPhone's ARM "system on a chip" manufacturer. The result may be an ideal platform for handheld gaming and high definition video playback.


Steve Jobs on P.A. Semi, love for Intel; 3G BlackBerry delayed

04/25/2008, 02:04 pm

Apple chief executive Steve Jobs in a new interview dispels rumors that the company's recent acquisition of chipmaker P.A. Semi was a result of some kind of discord with Intel. Meanwhile, RIM will reportedly delay the release of its 3G BlackBerry handset in a move that could play to Apple's advantage.


Apple buys chip designer PA Semi for $278 million

04/23/2008, 08:04 am

An Apple spokesman confirmed Tuesday evening that the company has agreed purchase a boutique microprocessor design company known for sophisticated but low-power designs, Forbes is reporting.