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Topic: RIM

IDC: Apple passes RIM to become No. 4 global mobile phone vendor

10/29/2010, 02:10 am

A new IDC report shows strong iPhone sales have pushed Apple past Research in Motion, making the iPhone-maker the world's fourth-largest mobile phone seller in the third quarter of 2010.


RIM: Problems with 7-inch tablets only exist in Apple's 'distortion field'

10/19/2010, 05:10 pm

Responding to Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs' claims that a touchscreen tablet with a 7-inch screen is too small to use, a co-CEO of Research in Motion said the comments do not apply to users "who live outside of Apple's distortion field."


Apple's Steve Jobs slams Google, RIM, rival tablet makers

10/18/2010, 05:10 pm

In a surprise appearance during the company's quarterly earnings call, Apple's chief executive Steve Jobs hailed the success of the iPhone and Pod while painting a bleak outlook for RIM's Blackberry smartphones, Google's fragmented Android smartphone platform, and the coming trickle of 7inch tablets.


Nokia admits Apple is a "must have" in the US and EU

10/07/2010, 11:10 pm

A Nokia France manager has acknowledged that the App Store has helped Apple to achieve "must have" status in the US and Europe.


Nielsen: Android overtakes Apple's iOS in latest US smartphone sales

10/05/2010, 02:10 pm

New sales data from Nielsen shows that Google's Android mobile operating system was the top-selling platform in recent months, ahead of Apple's iOS, which powers the iPhone.


Google Android closes gap with Apple iPhone in consumer interest

09/30/2010, 03:09 pm

A new survey of prospective smartphone buyers has found that hype from the iPhone 4 has died down, and Apple's smartphone is only slightly more preferable to consumers than devices running Google Android.


RIM unveils 7-inch 'PlayBook' tablet set to launch in early 2011

09/27/2010, 05:09 pm

Research in Motion on Monday announced the "PlayBook," a 7-inch multi-touch tablet that represents the smartphone maker's first attempt to take on Apple's highly successful iPad.


Apple's iOS holds strong as Android's enterprise presence surges

09/22/2010, 03:09 pm

While Google's Android mobile operating system has seen a fivefold increase in availability in the corporate market over the last nine months, Apple's presence with iOS has held strong and still nearly doubles that of Android.


RIM could unveil its answer to Apple's iPad next week

09/22/2010, 02:09 am

Research in Motion could reveal the "Blackpad," its response to Apple's iPad, at next week's BlackBerry Developer Conference, a new report claims.


LG Electronics CEO resigns after smartphone struggles

09/17/2010, 08:09 pm

After struggling to compete with the iPhone and other high-end smartphones, LG Electronics chief executive Nam Yong resigned Friday.


iPhone drops to 24% smartphone share, Android jumps to 17%

09/16/2010, 01:09 am

New data shows Apple, RIM, and Microsoft continue to lose ground to Google in the U.S. smartphone market.


Microsoft employees hold funeral parade for iPhone, Blackberry

09/10/2010, 08:09 pm

Celebrating Windows Phone 7's "Release to Manufacturing" status, Microsoft employees held a morbid funeral parade for the iPhone and Blackberry.


Apple projected to ship 130M iOS devices in 2014 as Android hits 259M

09/10/2010, 11:09 am

Apple is projected to sell 130 million iOS-based mobile devices per year by 2014, but both Google Android and Nokia Symbian are expected to each double that amount, according to Gartner.


Millennial: Apple's iPhone displays 55% of smartphone ads

08/21/2010, 07:08 pm

Millennial Media, the largest independent mobile adverting network, has released figures for July showing Apple leads mobile devices in general with its iOS platform and smartphones in particular with iPhone.


RIM shopping for ad network to take on Google AdMob, Apple iAd

08/18/2010, 10:08 pm

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion is seeking to buy a mobile advertising network to better position itself against Google's AdMob and Apple's iAd programs.


EC picks Apple's iPhone over RIM's BlackBerry

08/04/2010, 05:08 pm

The European Commission has added support for iPhones among its employees while declining to support RIM's BlackBerry in a move that will affect 2,500 employees.


Saudi Arabia announces it will block BlackBerry service Friday

08/03/2010, 11:08 pm

Saudi Arabia, citing security concerns, revealed Tuesday its intention to block some of Research in Motion's BlackBerry services beginning Friday.


RIM attempts to create Apple-like buzz with BlackBerry Torch event

08/03/2010, 11:08 am

In an uncharacteristic move, Research in Motion held a media event Tuesday in New York City to generate buzz for its new BlackBerry Torch 9800 smartphone, an AT&T handset with a multi-touch screen and slide-out keyboard.


RIM plans to counter Apple's iPad with 'Blackpad' in November

07/30/2010, 03:07 pm

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion plans to enter the touchscreen tablet market and compete with Apple's iPad this November, when it will release the "Blackpad."


RIM, Nokia respond to Apple's "Antennagate" press conference

07/17/2010, 12:07 pm

Research in Motion and Nokia issued official statements Friday decrying Apple's use of their handsets to demonstrate signal loss in their press conference addressing the iPhone 4 antenna problem.