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Topic: Bill Gates

Report: Zune sequel to break cover as early as Tuesday

10/01/2007, 07:10 pm

Sometimes the target of jokes for its initial in-house attempt at a digital media player, Microsoft is poised to announce its first update to the line as soon as this week, if a new report holds true.


D Preview: Apple, Microsoft, and Palm

05/29/2007, 08:05 pm

The Wall Street Journal's increasingly influential technology conference is about to begin, and may bring multiple announcements from industry giants -- though Apple isn't talking.


Jobs and Gates to appear side-by-side at WSJ 'D' Conference

02/20/2007, 03:02 pm

Apple chief executive Steve Jobs and Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates have committed to a rare joint appearance at the fifth anniversary of the The Wall Street Journal's "D: All Things Digital" conference later this year.


Briefly: Apple games, Ballmer on Vista sales (and Apple), patents

02/15/2007, 08:02 pm

Apple has taken its search for gaming-related talent a step further by seeking interns to fill programming roles. Meanwhile, everyone's favorite Microsoft CEO was caught yapping about Apple and the Mac while attempting to reset Vista sales expectations. And Apple has tightened its grip on interface patents that cover both the iPod and iPhone.


Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates to step down

06/15/2006, 06:06 pm

Microsoft Corp. on Thursday announced a two-year transition process that will ultimately end with the departure of chairman Bill Gates, who founded the company along with Paul Allen back in 1975.


Jobs humors "D" crowd, talks iTunes 4.9, future products

05/23/2005, 10:05 am

Exclusive -- A witty Steve Jobs helped kick-off the third annual Wall Street Journal D Conference last night, focusing his comments largely on the digital music arena as it pertains to Apple's iPod and iTunes products.