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Topic: Kindle

Amazon rumored to introduce Kindle 2.0 next Monday

02/03/2009, 02:02 pm

Speculation is mounting that Amazon could announce a new version of its Kindle next Monday, a move that one analyst believes will help propel the e-book reader into a $1 billion dollar business for the online retailer by next year.


Steve Jobs talks MacBook Air, China Mobile, Amazon Kindle, more

01/16/2008, 12:01 pm

In a pair of interviews following his Macworld keynote address on Tuesday, Apple chief executive spoke of his firm's two-year initiative to develop the world's thinnest notebook and also weighed in on the iPhone in China, Amazon's Kindle and Google's Android mobile platform.


In-depth review: can Amazon's Kindle light a fire under eBooks?

12/10/2007, 09:12 am

Amazon's new Kindle ebook reader is billed as the iPod for digital reading. Will it inspire a new era of mainstream electronic reading, just service a dedicated niche of hard core readers, or simply fizzle out into failure? We put the new device through its paces to find out.


High-quality unboxing photos of Amazon's Kindle eBook reader

12/04/2007, 02:12 pm

Amazon's new Kindle device, dubbed by some as the 'iPod of reading,' has been shipping in limited quantities since its introduction a few weeks ago. AppleInsider is preparing a full review, and offers these quality unboxing photos in the meantime.


Amazon's new Kindle dubbed the 'iPod of reading'

11/19/2007, 07:11 pm

Online retailer Amazon grabbed the spotlight on Monday when it announced the Kindle, a handheld e-book reader it says should do for digital text what Apple's iPod has done for music.