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Topic: iPad 2

Samsung could supply superior 'PLS' display for future Apple iPad

02/13/2011, 10:02 am

Apple's next-generation iPad could trade its "In-Plane Switching" (IPS) display for a new "Super Plane to Line Switching" (PLS) display for improved viewing angles, according to a new report.


Apple may be prepping iPad 3 for fall 2011 launch - rumor

02/09/2011, 08:02 pm

Reports have emerged of a fall launch of Apple's third-generation iPad in order to match the touchscreen tablet's release schedule with the company's annual iPod releases and the holiday season.


Apple rumored to hold "small event" in March to usher in new iPad

02/05/2011, 12:02 pm

Apple may be planning a smaller than usual event to introduce its second-generation iPad as early as next month, according to a scant report, as rumors that the new device will include NFC technology persist.


Over 60% of Apple's first-wave iPad 2 production to be 3G models

02/04/2011, 02:02 pm

The majority of Apple's second-generation iPad models now being built will include either GSM/UMTS or CDMA 3G support, according to checks of overseas manufacturers, suggesting the company plans on forging stronger relationships with wireless carriers alongside the device's introduction.


Rumor: Apple plans to unveil second-gen iPad at iOS event next week

02/03/2011, 02:02 pm

A new rumor claims that Apple plans to hold a special event to introduce in-app subscriptions with iOS 4.3 next week, and that the company intends to introduce its second-generation iPad at the conclusion of the event.


iPad 2 specs said to include HD video, 3MP camera, DisplayPort

02/03/2011, 02:02 am

A report examining iOS 4.3 beta firmware concurs that the next iPad will be offered in three models (WiFi, 3G GSM/UMTS and 3G CDMA), but adds mention of a 3MP camera capable of 720p video recording, DisplayPort video output, and what appears to be a hardware battery gas gauge.


Apple seeks digital photography expert for iPad development team

02/02/2011, 09:02 am

Adding to the mounting evidence that Apple plans to add cameras to its next-generation iPad, the company's digital photography team is hiring a software engineer to create applications for the iPad platform.


Source: SD Card slot on Apple's next-gen iPad just a rumor

01/28/2011, 03:01 pm

With Apple expected to take the wraps off its second-generation iPad in the next few months, talk has focused largely around the potential hardware enhancements to the tablet device, including rumors of an SD Card slot that AppleInsider sources now suggest is unlikely to materialize.


Apple finalizing wireless e-wallet for iPhone 5, iPad 2 - report

01/25/2011, 07:01 am

A new report claims Apple will add near-field communication technology to this year's anticipated iPad 2 and iPhone 5, giving users the ability to have their device serve as an electronic wallet for quick wireless transactions.


Production of Apple's iPad 2 to begin in February, iPhone 5 in May - report

01/24/2011, 08:01 am

Apple's overseas manufacturing partners will begin limited production of the second-generation iPad in February, with building of the fifth-generation iPhone to follow in May, according to a new report from the Far East.


Apple doubles board suppliers for iPad 2 ahead of April launch - report

01/21/2011, 08:01 am

As manufacturing of the second-generation iPad ramps up, Apple has reportedly more than doubled the printed circuit board suppliers it has contracted for the touchscreen tablet.


Another report claims Apple's iPad 2 will sport a high-res display

01/20/2011, 08:01 am

Back-and-forth claims on the resolution of the display on Apple's forthcoming second-generation iPad continue, with a new report out of the Far East claiming it will be a 2048-by-1536-pixel screen.


Proximity sensor on Apple's iPad 2 could bring auto screen lock, unlock

01/19/2011, 12:01 pm

New evidence suggests Apple's forthcoming second-generation iPad will include a proximity sensor, which would automatically lock and unlock the touchscreen device when a cover, attached to a case, is placed over or removed from the display.


Report: Claims of high-res screen in iPad 2 are 'too good to be true'

01/19/2011, 07:01 am

While evidence grows that Apple could place a high-resolution screen in its forthcoming second-generation iPad, a new report aims to pour "cold water" on those expectations.


Chinese supplier floating iPad 2 case with possible SD card and Mini DisplayPort recesses

01/18/2011, 12:01 am

Exclusive: A Chinese accessory supplier is floating a new "iPad 2nd generation" case differing from previous designs shown at CES, with port openings that appear to be designed to accommodate a new SD Card slot and a new port consistent with the size of a mini DisplayPort jack.


Why high resolution screens matter for Apple's iPad 2

01/17/2011, 09:01 pm

Substantiated rumors of the next generation iPad using a vastly higher resolution 2048x1536 display are drawing some to question why the iPad would even need such a dense pixel count, which is much higher than even Apple's 17 inch MacBook Pro. The answer relates to resolution independence.


Parts supplier selling purported iPad 2 screen, iPad vibrating motor

01/16/2011, 09:01 pm

One parts supplier claims to have already obtained the screen part for Apple's next-generation iPad, while also selling a vibrating motor for the device.


Apple to pack ultrafast, dual core SGX543 graphics into iPad 2, iPhone 5

01/16/2011, 06:01 pm

Apple's next generation iPad and iPhone, both due the first half of this year, will pack a new version of the company's custom A4 chip, with dual, faster graphics cores capable of supporting a Retina Display iPad and potentially bringing 1080p HD support to iOS devices, including Apple TV.


Best Buy 'Coming Soon' iPad SKUs could point to next-gen tablets

01/15/2011, 10:01 pm

Best Buy has posted placeholder SKUs for 3 "Coming Soon" models of Apple's Wi-Fi iPad at prices of $599 and $699, possibly suggesting that retail channels are prepping for the release of the second-generation iPad expected this spring.


Apple iBooks app indicates iPad 2 will quadruple pixels to 2048x1536

01/15/2011, 08:01 pm

Recent rumors have suggested Apple will give the second generation iPad a much higher resolution screen, although short of the ppi density of the Retina Display of iPhone 4. New graphics discovered within Apple's iBook app suggest this is true.