Limited Apple Watch controls for select Whirlpool appliances coming in 2018

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Whirlpool will add Apple Watch support to its app in 2018, allowing users of the wearable to control more than 20 compatible appliances when the technology is fully deployed.

Announced at the Las Vegas 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, users with compatible appliances will be able to check or change oven temperature during a cook cycle, change the type of wash cycle while a clothes washer is in use, or see if a cycle has started or how much time remains on a a cycle. It doesn't appear at this time that the appliance can be turned on remotely by the Apple Watch, though.

Appliances listed as compatible with the technology include the Smart Cabrio washer and dryer, the Smart Front Load washer and dryer. At present, it isn't clear which ovens will work with the technology.

The Whirlpool app for the iPhone already exists. Apple Watch compatibility will arrive "later this year" according to Cnet.


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