Google Pixel 3 XL leak shows taller notch than iPhone X coupled with big chin

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Google is seemingly following the same trend as other Android smartphone producers for the next generation of Pixel devices, a video leak suggests, by copying the iPhone X's use of a notch at the top of the display in a device believed to be the Pixel 3 XL.

The Google Pixel 3 XL shown in images and a video on a Ukranian tech blogger's Telegram channel allegedly depict a "pre-release version" of the smartphone, notes Android Police. The exact source of the unit is unknown, with the potential to change ahead of an expected October launch, but the level of finish and the packaging suggests little will change if the leak is genuine.

Shots of the phone's interface advise its model name is the Pixel 3 XL, running on the recently-released Android 9. Inside is a Qualcomm processor with two clusters of four cores, running at 1.77GHz and 2.80GHz in each cluster, with 3.46GB of RAM suggesting it could have 3.5GB or 4GB of memory, and an Adreno 630 GPU.

The settings also suggest the screen resolution to be 1,440 by 2,960, with a pixel density of 494 pixels per inch.

One major notable addition to the design is the use of a notch at the top, allowing it to have an edge-to-edge display that reaches the top two corners, but with a noticeable bottom "chin" section for a speaker and mouthpiece. It is unclear what is in the notch section at the top, aside from a camera and speaker, but the images don't suggest any extra sensors have been added, such as found with the iPhone X's TrueDepth camera.

If the leak really does show a Pixel 3 XL, it is a sign that Google is following the trend of adding a notch to the top of their screen in order to make it bigger. While Apple's implementation was for practicality, to increase the amount of space the screen takes up on the front of the iPhone X as well as to house more sensors to enable Face ID, other Android vendors were quick to try and copy the design in their own products, with varying success.

The back cover appears to be similar in design to the existing Pixel 2 XL, featuring a single camera lens, flash, and a fingerprint reader. In the box are some earbuds, a USB-C cable for charging, a charger, and a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter for use with wired headphones.