14-inch Apple Silicon MacBook Pro coming at 'Time Flies' Apple event, says leaker

Possible 14-inch MacBook Pro with Apple Silicon announcement soon

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A leaker claiming to be the primary source of most of the 2020 Apple leaks is saying that Apple has a lot in store for the September "Time Flies" event, including a 14-inch Apple Silicon MacBook Pro, and, controversially, the possible announcement of the "iPhone 12" family.

As with any person claiming to know all the secrets online, this information should be taken skeptically. The Reddit account in question is seven months old with no posts posting history until the "Ask Me Anything" thread. The leaker provided "proof" of their position to r/Apple moderators, some of which AppleInsider has seen, but there is no way to verify the provenance of the information.

14-inch MacBook Pro

There were many questions about the upcoming Macs with Apple Silicon and when they would launch. All answers provided by the leaker point to a "14-inch MacBook Pro" being announced at the September 15 event with detailed descriptions of the chipset.

The internal GPU in the unit are said to be comparable to the Radeon Pro 5500M. Overall performance metrics in the upcoming 14-inch will be in line with the current 16-inch MacBook Pro. It is expected that the gaming experience will be exceptional, but only for games optimized for Apple Silicon.

The leaker says that the 12-inch MacBook and "24-inch iMac" with Apple Silicon are due at any time, and could even appear at the event, but they have no details on the release.

"iPhone 12"

The "iPhone 12 Pro Max" with LiDAR and ProMotion

According to most publications, the September 15 event announced on Tuesday is likely for the "Apple Watch Series 6" and the "iPad Air 4." The leaker says that the event is actually for the "iPhone 12" announcement and related products. This claim contradicts almost all other prominent leakers and reports.

The announcement will include dates for pre-order in October and a mid-October shipping date. The "iPhone 12 Max" and "iPhone 12 Pro" will ship first, as the new design for the smaller "iPhone 12" and the ProMotion Display in the "iPhone 12 Pro Max" complicate the supply chain.

The "iPhone 12 Pro Max" is the only device with ProMotion since it is the only one with enough battery life to sacrifice for the feature. Placing ProMotion into the "iPhone 12 Pro" reduced battery life below the required threshold by Apple for inclusion in the device.

The event will have a big focus on AR since both the "iPhone 12 Pro" and "iPhone 12 Pro Max" will have LiDAR. The focus on AR will bring Apple's augmented reality devices into focus, but they will likely not be announced yet.

"Apple Glass"

"Apple Glass" could launch in March 2021

The leaker claims to be the source of all leaked "Apple Glass" information so far. They claim that the name is a placeholder and could be the final name, however internally they are referred to as "the glasses."

Apple could announce the "Apple Glass" early, but the launch will not occur until March 2021. The first-generation will not have its own developer kit since the device will not require much input from developers. Interactions will be limited, if any, since all data is coming from the iPhone.

The information is projected onto the lens, and appears as AR objects and will not act as an overlay of the real world. The device itself will look like normal, but bulky, glasses. Apple will focus on privacy as a primary feature, so don't expect facial recognition and the like.

The AR/VR headset projected for 2022 release is still being tested. There is no information about its capabilities or how it compares to the "Apple Glass."

"Apple TV 6"

The "Apple TV 6" is not coming in 2020 and will have a focus on gaming. The device will be pushed with a big focus on Apple TV+ content and Apple Arcade titles.

Apple will have a push into gaming in 2021 that will "revolutionize" the gaming market.

Other Leaks

  • No new Apple displays in the works, only the Pro Display XDR available for now.
  • Project Titan is an upgrade to CarPlay as an OS with dev kits for car makers. No Apple Car.
  • Folding iPhone is coming, though it will be a dual display device, not a folding screen device.
  • "AirPods Studio" will not come until 2021, but not entirely sure of that.
  • Expect AirPower at the September 15 event
  • iPad Mini redesign will have smaller bezels, but retain the home button.
  • No new HomePod variants coming in 2020.
  • Cheap Apple Watch is "not happening."
  • Don't expect AirTags until the "Apple Glass" launch in March 2021.
  • iPad Pro will not be updated again in 2020.

Jon Prosser says that the leaker is "not legit" in a tweet about this article.

The information provided in the Reddit AMA should be taken very skeptically. There are a lot of details about the September 15 event in this thread, so they will be proven reliable, or not, soon.