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Topic: iOS 4

Inside Apple's changes to the iPhone's signal strength visual bars

07/15/2010, 10:07 pm

With the release of iOS 4.0.1 on Thursday, Apple instated changes to the way its iPhone handsets visualize bars representing cellular signal strength, doing away with a previously optimistic approach that compressed the dynamic range of bars to make it appear that a user's reception was much stronger than it actually was.


Apple releases iOS 4.0.1 for iPhone, 3.2.1 for iPad

07/15/2010, 02:07 pm

Apple on Thursday issued iOS 4.0.1 for the iPhone, improving the accuracy of the handset's signal display strength. It also released iOS 3.2.1 for the iPad to improve Wi-Fi connectivity issues.


Apple rumored to release iOS 4.0.1 for iPhone today

07/15/2010, 08:07 am

A new rumor has stated that Apple will release an iPhone software update in the form of iOS 4.0.1 on Thursday, a day before the company has scheduled a press conference to talk about the iPhone 4.


Apple's iOS 4.1 to pack 'fix' for displaying iPhone signal strength [u]

07/14/2010, 05:07 pm

Apple on Tuesday began widespread testing of iOS 4.1, the first update to the company's new mobile operating system shipping on the iPhone 4, delivering changes to the way the handset displays signal strength.


BMW to support Apple's new iPod Out feature of iOS 4

07/13/2010, 08:07 am

A new feature of iOS 4 that enables iPhone and iPod touch devices to present a full featured control panel on an external display for use in automotive integration is getting official support from BMW.


War between Fring and Skype boosts Apple's Facetime

07/12/2010, 03:07 pm

A battle between Fring and Skype over mobile voice and video calls could ultimately result in faster adoption of Apple's Facetime as an open standard for mobile video calls.


iPhone gets 3G video call features via Fring, poorly

07/10/2010, 02:07 pm

A new update to the free Fring app brings the potential of 3G video calls to all iPhone users. It also enables video calls to desktop Skype users as well as other Nokia and Android smartphone users who are also using Fring. Unfortunately, it doesn't work very well yet.


iPhone 3GS recognizes FaceTime URLs in iOS 4

07/02/2010, 04:07 pm

FaceTime supports iOS URL schemes, enabling users to initiate a call by clicking on a hyperlink. iPhone 3GS users can see and click the links but they don't work, not even for audio-only calls. Yet.


Apple still allows Google's targeted ads within iPhone, iPad apps

07/02/2010, 12:07 am

Apple instituted new rules in its iPhone 4 SDK designed to protect user privacy, but the company may not yet be enforcing those rules as they appear to apply against competing ad networks such as Google's AdMob.


Apple issues iOS 4 fix for Exchange ActiveSync issues

06/30/2010, 09:06 pm

Apple has issued a configuration profile that addresses an issue in iOS 4 that may cause sync problems with Microsoft Exchange or Google Mail and Calendar.


iPhone 4 Review: 3 - Camera Photos & Videos

06/30/2010, 08:06 pm

Apple's fourth generation iPhone is also the company's best mobile camera, whether shooting pictures, capturing video, or enabling video calls with FaceTime. Here's how it compares to the previous iPhone 3GS and other popular camera phones.


iAd report: Apple's iOS 4 will reach iPad in November

06/28/2010, 08:06 pm

A report outlining advertisers' plans for Apple's new iAd program indicates that the new interactive ads won't reach iPad users until iOS 4 becomes available for it in November.


iPhone 4 Review: 2 - the Phone & FaceTime

06/28/2010, 02:06 pm

Apple's fourth generation iPhone is still exclusively tied to AT&T in the US, but now packs new 3.5G network support, enabling dramatically faster uploads, and FaceTime, a new video calling feature that isn't dependent upon the carrier's network quality or seamless coverage to work.


iPhone 4 Review: 1 - Hardware Fit & Finish

06/26/2010, 04:06 pm

The fourth generation of Apple's iPhone dynasty has appeared, generating longer lines than ever. Is it worth the wait?


iOS 4 includes Emoji input on Japanese keyboard

06/25/2010, 07:06 pm

Apple is targeting a feature request from Japanese users in iOS 4 with new support for several dozen "official" Emoji emoticons accessible from the Japanese Romaji keyboard.


Death Grip hysteria may end Monday with iOS 4.01

06/25/2010, 06:06 pm

Reception issues observed by new iPhone 4 owners, derided as the "Death Grip" by bloggers, appears to actually be a software issue that an iOS update is expected to resolve early next week.


Hackers release 'jailbreak' of iOS 4 for Apple's iPhone 3GS

06/23/2010, 09:06 am

Users can now run unauthorized code on their iOS 4-equipped iPhone 3GS, as well as iPhone 3G and iPod touch, thanks to the latest software "jailbreak" released by hackers.


First reviews of iPhone 4 hit big-name newspapers (u)

06/22/2010, 06:06 pm

The first reviews of iPhone 4 are beginning to appear, including Walt Mossberg's in the Wall Street Journal, David Pogue's in the New York Times and Ed Baig's in USA Today.


Inside iOS 4: Missing features for iPhone 3G users

06/22/2010, 06:06 pm

Apple disabled support for some features in iOS 4 to shoehorn the new release into the processing constraints and memory footprint of the 2008 iPhone 3G and second generation iPod touch. Here's what's missing and why.


Apple's iAds allows users to opt out of data collection

06/22/2010, 10:06 am

Apple has launched an official page that allows iOS device users to opt out of personal data collection, such as information regarding downloads and purchases, for its iAds mobile advertising service.