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Topic: iPhone 3GS

Google's Nexus One compared to Apple's iPhone, Motorola Droid [u]

12/23/2009, 10:12 am

New photos and a hands-on description have compared Google's custom-built Nexus One handset, rumored to be for sale to the public next month, with Apple's iPhone [updated with hardware specs].


AT&T continues to deny iPhone tiered data pricing plans

12/22/2009, 09:12 am

AT&T continues to fight back against the perception that the company will implement tiered data plans for iPhone users -- a rumor that started after the company's president said "incentives" to discourage heavy bandwidth consumption are likely.


WWDC 2010, iPhone announcement rumored for June 28-July 2

12/21/2009, 07:12 am

A calendar listing for San Francisco's Moscone Center has led to speculation that Apple's annual Worldwide Developer's Conference will coincide with the three-year anniversary of the original iPhone's launch.


AT&T exec attempts to cool rumors of tiered iPhone data plans

12/18/2009, 03:12 pm

An AT&T executive this week made comments to assure customers that the exclusive carrier of the iPhone in the U.S. will not implement tiered data plans.


Apple's iPhone commands 46% of Japanese smartphone market

12/18/2009, 08:12 am

Nearly half of all domestic smartphone users have turned to the iPhone in Japan, giving Apple a dominant position in the market, according to a new study.


Apple's iPhone exceeds Windows Mobile in US usage - study

12/17/2009, 09:12 am

Though previous studies found the iPhone was outselling Windows Mobile devices and had a greater presence online, Apple's handset finally unseated Microsoft devices in terms of overall use in October, a new study has found.


'Fake Steve Jobs' vs. AT&T's real-life phone service

12/16/2009, 03:12 pm

AT&T continues to aggressively defend and promote its network, as the nation's second-largest wireless carrier has come under fire once again, this time from a satirical source.


Strong demand for parts forecasts 10M iPhone sales in Q4 2009

12/14/2009, 07:12 am

Demand for the iPhone 3GS has helped Taiwanese suppliers see a 31 percent increase in orders for components, as Apple's handset is projected to have a record quarter.


AT&T warns of coming clamp-down on iPhone data hogs

12/09/2009, 01:12 pm

Users who consume more than their fair share of bandwidth on AT&T's wireless network could have a higher monthly bill in the future, one company executive said Wednesday.


Apple looks to hire new iPhone OS security manager

11/05/2009, 02:11 pm

As hackers continue to exploit the iPhone platform to run unauthorized code, Apple is in the process of hiring a new security manager to help lock down its mobile operating system.


Hacker cracks Apple's latest iPhone 3GS security measures

11/04/2009, 01:11 pm

A hacker this week released a new exploit that allows users to circumvent Apple's preventative measures that have blocked unauthorized code from being run on the new iPhone 3GS.


TomTom Car Kit, navigation software will not work with iPod touch

10/28/2009, 12:10 pm

The forthcoming TomTom Car Kit navigation dock will not enable GPS functionality for the corresponding App Store software on the iPod touch and first-generation iPhone.


Apple increases holiday quarter iPhone orders by 20 percent

10/27/2009, 09:10 am

Demand for the iPhone 3GS this holiday season is expected to cause a shortage of image sensors, as Apple has increased orders for parts for its handset by 20 percent.


Apple says iPhone competitors still fail to compete

10/19/2009, 06:10 pm

As smartphone companies attempt to catch up with the first-generation iPhone, Apple executive Tim Cook said during Monday's earnings report that his company remains multiple steps ahead of its competitors.


iPhone supply issues could make Apple disappoint on Wall Street

10/16/2009, 09:10 am

While demand for the iPhone remains high, Apple's apparent inability to keep up with supply during the last quarter could lead to lower-than-expected revenue reported on Monday.


Apple fights off hackers with new iPhone 3GS firmware

10/14/2009, 08:10 am

Apple's cat-and-mouse game with the iPhone hacking community continues, as the handset maker has reportedly updated new shipping versions of the iPhone 3GS to prevent tampering.


New Macs, iPhone expansion predicted to boost Apple revenue

10/02/2009, 10:10 am

With Apple expected to introduce new Macs at any point and the iPhone switching to a multi-carrier model in multiple countries, analysts believe the company's profits could climb even higher.


Apple Genius says dropped AT&T calls in NYC 'consistent'

09/30/2009, 02:09 pm

A man who took his iPhone 3G in to a New York City Apple Store because of a large number of dropped calls was allegedly told that a 30 percent failure rate is average for a local AT&T customer.


Vodafone to sell Apple's iPhone in UK, too

09/29/2009, 07:09 am

Vodafone has reached an agreement to sell the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS in the U.K. and Ireland, an announcement that came just a day after Orange revealed it would also sell the handset.


Apple's iPhone abroad: Orange UK to sell; China debut in October

09/28/2009, 07:09 am

When O2's exclusive contract for the iPhone expires this year, Orange will also offer the handset in the U.K.; and China Unicom will offer Apple's iPhone for $732.50 on October 1.