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Topic: Motorola

Delta Airlines now testing Apple iPad as electronic flight bag

08/17/2011, 07:08 pm

Delta Airlines has started testing iPads as electronic flight bags domestically, in order to evaluate the viability of replacing printed on-board manuals and other information with digital versions and custom iOS applications.


Apple, Nokia show continued interest in InterDigital patents

08/17/2011, 04:08 pm

Following Google's purchase of Motorola, a new report claims that Apple is still interested in acquiring InterDigital, as are Nokia, Qualcomm and others in the wireless industry.


Apple CFO says Google spent 'a lot of money' on Motorola

08/17/2011, 03:08 pm

In a recent conference call with investors, Apple's chief financial officer was unsurprisingly tight-lipped, but did admit he thinks Google spent "a lot of money" to acquire Motorola.


Apple predicted to 'strike back' at Google with its own patent purchase

08/16/2011, 07:08 pm

Following Google's bid to purchase Motorola Mobility, Apple is predicted to strike a deal -- perhaps with competitors Nokia or RIM -- to consolidate its already significant patent portfolio and better position itself both offensively and defensively.


Wall Street doesn't expect Google-Motorola deal to affect Apple

08/16/2011, 09:08 am

While the move may be good for the parties directly involved, Google's purchase of Motorola is not expected to have a major effect on Apple, Wall Street analysts have said.


Non-iPad tablet makers expected to slash prices to move inventory overstock

08/15/2011, 11:08 pm

Faced with growing inventory due to sluggish sales, the makers of tablets competing with Apple's iPad are said to continue to cut prices in order to reduce losses, potentially sparking an industry-wide price war, according to a new report.


Motorola purchase may bolster Google TV in bid to unseat Apple TV

08/15/2011, 04:08 pm

Executives for both Motorola and Google made clear on Monday that they intend to take advantage of Motorola's existing presence in the high-definition set-top box space, where the Google TV has failed to gain traction against the Apple TV.


Motorola litigation against Apple will continue, despite Google deal

08/15/2011, 10:08 am

Google's acquisition of Motorola Mobility will not affect Motorola's patent-related lawsuits against Apple, as the search company revealed on Monday it has no plans to rescind those legal complaints.


Motorola purchase gives Google 17K issued, 7.5K filed patents

08/15/2011, 09:08 am

With its purchase of Motorola Mobility, Google will acquire nearly 25,000 patents, including 17,000 issued, giving it greater leverage in the lawsuit-saturated Android landscape.


Google CEO: 'Anticompetitive' Apple, Microsoft forced Motorola deal

08/15/2011, 08:08 am

Patent litigation from Apple and Microsoft, deemed "anticompetitive" by Google Chief Executive Larry Page, is what prompted the search company to buy handset maker Motorola Mobility.


Google to acquire Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion

08/15/2011, 07:08 am

Google revealed on Monday that it will buy handset maker Motorola Mobility, giving the search giant an entrance into the hardware business and allowing it to compete with Apple more directly by building devices tailored specifically for its Android mobile operating system.


Motorola signals intent to begin patent action against other Android licensees

08/11/2011, 06:08 pm

While Google has accused Apple, Microsoft and Oracle of a conspiracy to bring down its Android platform using patent infringement claims, Google's own licensees are suing each other, with Motorola intimating its intent to join this trend.


Motorola Xoom also targeted in Apple lawsuit in Europe

08/10/2011, 01:08 pm

Just after Apple won an initial ruling barring the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Europe, it has been revealed that the iPad maker has filed a similar lawsuit against Motorola regarding its Xoom tablet.


Motorola planning 'aggressive form factor' tablets for late 2011

08/10/2011, 02:08 am

Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha said on Tuesday that his company is planning to roll out tablets with "aggressive form factors" later this year, while also indicating that smartphones remain the top priority.


iPad competitors still can't match Apple's design efficiencies

08/02/2011, 04:08 pm

As hardware makers struggle to compete with the iPad in terms of sales, they also can't match Apple's design efficiency, which helps to keep the iPad's costs down, one analysis has found.


Apple now taking 2/3 share of mobile phone industry profits

07/29/2011, 01:07 pm

Apple's share of the mobile phone industry's profits has swelled to around two thirds, as the company's iPhone sales have remained profitable while achieving the top spot in sales.


Motorola beats expectations but guidance disappoints as Xoom fails to match iPad

07/28/2011, 05:07 pm

Motorola Mobility posted better revenues than expected, but lost $56 million in the quarter and provided disappointing guidance that sent its shares down 6 percent.


Android giving away most software but Apple selling most smartphones

07/28/2011, 04:07 pm

The Android software platform led by Google is now installed on 39 percent of US consumer smartphones, but Apple remains the largest smartphone manufacturer with the iPhone (at 28 percent) and RIM is second largest with Blackberry (20 percent).


Apple's victory over HTC may set high royalty precedent for Android devices

07/18/2011, 12:07 pm

Apple's initial legal victory over rival HTC in a patent infringement suit could pave the way for Apple to collect high royalties from devices running Google Android, according to one analysis.


ITC ruling against HTC may spell trouble for other Android makers

07/16/2011, 09:07 pm

An examination of the two patents the U.S. International Trade Commission found handset maker HTC infringed upon in an initial ruling on Friday has revealed that the patent claims in question may apply to "every Android device out there."