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Apple posts Macworld 2009 keynote stream

Apple has already posted a streaming version of company senior VP Phil Schiller's Macworld 2009 keynote speech, recapping the company's final presentation at the annual trade show.

The stream (note: direct QuickTime link) presents the full hour-and-a-half keynote, including a concluding performance by musician Tony Bennett.

At the event, Apple introduced a new version of iLife with key updates to GarageBand, iMovie and iPhoto; it also unveiled both iWork '09 and, establishing the first web component to its productivity suite.

The company also introduced a new 17-inch MacBook Pro that uses the same unibody construction as 13- and 15-inch Apple notebooks but with a newly designed 8-hour battery and a dramatically improved display.

Finally, Apple has also revealed that it will remove DRM from virtually all music on iTunes by the end of March while increasing audio quality. In return, pricing for songs will vary depending what labels hope to charge Apple.

iPhone 3G owners can now also download music and podcasts directly over the cellular network instead of waiting to reach a Wi-Fi network.

Schiller introduces the 17-inch MacBook Pro