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NYT pulls iPad Air underwater ad after 'unfortunate' juxtaposition with Flight 370 story

A digital version of Apple's 'Your Verse' ad for the iPad Air, which ends in an underwater scene, was removed from the New York Times's website Tuesday after the newspaper mistakenly allowed it to run alongside a story about the possible ocean crash of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370.

New York Times

Source: Twitter user @learmonth

For a short period, Apple's ad played just above an article bearing the headline "Malaysia Says Jet Went Down in Ocean." The Times pulled the ad after it was noticed by a number of Twitter users, according to AdAge.

"It was an unfortunate coincidence that this particular creative ran adjacent to that particular article," a Times spokeswoman said. "The ad was taken down by mutual agreement and we are still determining a resolution regarding placing the ad again."

The "Your Verse" campaign, centered around a Walt Whitman poem, has been widely praised since its debut. The campaign follows people who use Apple's iPad in a variety of extreme, unusual, or otherwise noteworthy ways, including a marine biologist who uses an iPad to measure coral growth.

There was no word on how this incident would affect Apple's overall advertising ties with the Times. The newspaper has been a beneficiary of Apple's recently-expanded digital advertising presence, having carried a number of interactive ads for the iPhone 5c. Apple ads also appear frequently in the print edition.