Apple secures iPod design patent

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Apple has successfully secured a design patent for its ubiquitous iPod digital music player.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday issued Apple Computer a patent for the ornamental design of its third-generation (3G) iPod media player, as shown and described in a series of diagrams.

The patent\'s documentation credits the design of the 3G iPod to the same Apple industrial design team responsible for its predecessor. This team includes Bartley Andre, Daniel Coster, Daniele De Iuliis, Richard Howarth, Jonathan Ive, Steve Jobs, Duncan Kerr, Duncan Robert, Matthew Rohrbach, Douglas Satzger, Calvin Seid, Christopher Stringer, and Eugene Whang.

Apple filed for the patent on April 25th, 2003, just three days before introducing the new iPods.

Earlier this month, the computer company was awarded with a trademark on the word \"ProCare,\" the name of its newest level of service for customers.