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Motorola RAZR with iTunes coming to US

Motorola this month will introduce a third member of its iTunes mobile phone family in the US, this time built around the company\'s popular RAZR handset design.

According to a report on MacNN, Motorola this month began distributing marketing materials that advertise the iTunes-compatible RAZR phone, coining it \"The RAZR that Rocks.\"

The quad-band RAZR V3i was originally revealed back in November of 2005. It was slated to make its US debut shortly thereafter but was delayed for unspecified reasons.

Motorola has already teamed with Apple on the RAZR V3i in other countries such as Canada and the UK, where promotions have been running for months. The handset allows users to store up to 100 tunes. It also features a 1.23 megapixel digital camera and a micro-SD flash slot.

The RAZR V3i is the third music phone product of Motorola\'s iTunes partnership with Apple. The first was the iTunes ROKR E1, which made its debut last fall and was quickly met with criticism for its clunky user interface and limited song capacity.

Motorola followed the launch of the ROKR E1 in early 2006 with the launch of its SLVR L7 handset, which also crippled capacity to 100 songs.

Similar to these earlier iTunes phones, the RAZR V3i will initially be available exclusively through Cingular\'s mobile carrier network.