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Apple hasn't ditched 'Mac guy', actor says

Apple Computer is still contracting actor Justin Long to play the "Mac guy" in a series of upcoming Mac holiday ads and is paying him handsomely for his services, the actor wrote in a blog posting on his website Monday.

"As for the Mac commercials, I don't know where that report came from that said i wasn't going to do anymore," Long wrote. "[I'm] literally setting my alarm right now to wake up for a Mac shoot tomorrow. If I'm not doing anymore I guess I can sleep in on my day off—that'd be nice."

He was referring to a report published on RadarOnline last week, which cited an unnamed representative for the actor in saying that his days as Apple's 'Mac guy' were over.

"Every ad you see Justin in is for that previous time period only. There's no long-term deal with him," the rep purportedly said. "Justin's a movie star, not a commercial guy."

In his blog posting Monday, Long said he continues to film some new "holiday spots" for Apple which he thinks "will be pretty funny" but "not nearly funny enough to justifiy the money they're paying me though."

"They're easy to do," he said of the ads. "I love John (the PC guy) and working with him is so effortless and fun that I definitely wouldn't rule out doing some more —and, as I said, they pay us nicely."