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Apple utility revives fallen iPod shuffles

Apple has released new versions of its iPod Reset Utility for Mac and Windows that lets users restore faulty iPod shuffles back to their factory settings.

Apple recommends the software for first- and second-generation iPod shuffles that will not play music, and cannot be restored using iTunes. It's also recommended for shuffles that are not recognized by iTunes, but are visible in 'My Computer' or in 'Device Manager' on a Windows PC, or in Apple System Profiler on a Mac.

Additionally, the software will revive first-generation iPod shuffles that have fallen into "Recovery mode," and second-generation shuffles that now show up only as a "USB DFU device."

iPod Reset Utility 1.0.2 (3.46MB for Macs and 2.2MB for Windows) will completely erases all music and data on an iPod shuffle, restore it to factory conditions, and then install the current version of iPod software.

In order to use the utility, shuffle owners must have administrator privileges on their Mac or PC. If iPod Reset Utility cannot restore certain iPod shuffles, Apple recommends bringing those players into an Apple store for service.