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Apple issues MacBook Air EFI update to address random reboots, sleep/wake reliability

One day after Apple released an SMC update for 2013 MacBook Airs, the company on Tuesday issued an EFI firmware update for late-model machines, fixing a memory-related problem that can cause systems to randomly reboot.

MacBook Air

Apple's MacBook Air EFI firmware update 2.8 aims to rectify a batch of issues some users have experienced with mid-2013 and early-2014 models.

Specifically, the update improves reliability during booting and waking the computer from sleep while USB and Thunderbolt devices are connected. Apple does not spell out what problems users reported, but the company's support Communities forum lists a number of possibilities from fast battery drain while sleeping to system freezes.

Going along with hardware connectivity problems, the new EFI firmware solves an issue where users' MacBook Airs fail to properly sleep the built-in display when an external monitor is connected. This issues is limited to use under Windows using Boot Camp.

Finally, today's update addresses a memory issue that, in some cases, causes the system to randomly reboot.

The MacBook Air EFI firmware update 2.8 comes in at 4.8MB and can be downloaded through Apple's Support webpage.