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Facebook tests new autoplaying videos with sound for iOS users

Facebook on Tuesday began a limited test of new video autoplay technology for its mobile app, including a version that begins playing audio automatically as a person scrolls past a clip in their News Feed.

At the moment the test is limited to some app users in Australia, but a portion of those people will hear audio from all forms of video —including ads and live streams —by default, as long as their iPhone or iPad isn't muted, Mashable noted. Another group has audio off unless they tap an icon in the bottom right of a clip.

Both groups are being presented with an initial pop-up message explaining controls. For people with audio on by default, they can choose to silence video for each clip individually, or by toggling an "always off" option in the app's Settings menu.

Audio-on autoplay is unlikely to make it into widespread release, as even Facebook's own data suggests that 80 percent of people react badly to having sudden sound playing from video ads. Indeed the technology could create problems for people browsing Facebook in public spaces, especially given the unfiltered nature of live video.