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Review: IK Multimedia Studio Mic is a portable, flexible, essential piece of kitrating

12/30/2015, 10:29:AM

Delivering both Lightning and USB connectivity, and covering all the basic needs for a podcaster or musician, we're impressed by the IK Multimedia Studio microphone. But with a $139 price tag, and the inability to support in-call audio from Apple in iOS, we feel like it's a good product that's let down by iOS for one common podcasting use.


Review: Gamevice Lightning-connected gaming controller for iPhone is unique, too expensiverating

12/24/2015, 09:22:AM

With a clever Lightning-connected design and solid construction, we're mostly impressed by the Gamevice gaming controller for iPhone. But with a $100 price tag, a risk of not fitting future iPhone models, and broken controller forwarding support from Apple in iOS, we feel it's an extremely niche device.


Review: Nyrius Wireless Smart LED Multicolor Light Bulbrating

12/19/2015, 12:07:AM

Nyrius' Bluetooth-connected lightbulb might get the job done, but there's nothing that really sets it apart from rivals, and there are several things that set it back.


Review: Devialet Phantom is a high-end speaker worth its weight in Kevlarrating

12/13/2015, 10:25:AM

Developed by niche French audio firm Devialet, the Phantom has achieved wide acclaim from industry acolytes for impossibly low-distortion sound reproduction rivaling that of speakers ten times the cost and many times the size. It's also the latest chic accessory to be featured in Apple's retail stores.


Review: Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6 & 6srating

12/12/2015, 11:43:AM

Apple's Smart Battery Case will certainly get the job done, but it includes some baffling design decisions, and just isn't a great value compared to third-party products.


Review: Apple Pencil is iPad Pro's must have accessoryrating

12/07/2015, 08:39:PM

Apple Pencil is the most talked about accessory to come out of Cupertino in recent memory, and rightfully so. Its classic design, packed with cutting edge technology, makes it an enticing product for digital artists and, more importantly, speaks to the future of Apple's tablet lineup.


Review: Apple goes high fashion with Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dockrating

11/21/2015, 06:02:AM

Apple dipped a toe into the world of fashion with Apple Watch and Apple Watch accoutrements, including a tie-up with Hermes, but we think the company's latest accessory is also one of its most elegant. And it's a dock.


Review: Mophie Juice Pack Reserve for iPhone 6/6s & Power Reserve 1X external batteryrating

11/19/2015, 11:40:AM

Battery maker Mophie's latest portable charging accessories are compact, convenient and durable, making them an easy recommendation for anyone looking to keep their iPhone juiced on the go.


Review: SteelSeries Nimbus is the best gaming controller for Apple TV and iPadrating

11/15/2015, 03:51:AM

Comfortable, competitively priced and featuring a Lightning port for recharging, the SteelSeries Nimbus is the best iOS-compatible gaming controller we've ever tested, and it's the best option to pair with your new fourth-generation Apple TV. But without a clamp to hold an iPhone, it should be the go-to choice for Apple TV and iPad gamers only.


Review: Apple's iPad Pro with A9X CPU and 12.9-inch Retina displayrating

11/14/2015, 02:21:AM

The iPad Pro is Apple's most fully realized example yet of the future of computing, with a workhorse of a processor and a beautiful 12.9-inch Retina display packed inside a svelte, ultraportable design. Current limitations with iOS apps prevent it from being a PC replacement for the most demanding tasks, and at $799 it won't appeal to casual users, but we are confident the iPad Pro will carve out a niche in the high-end market.


Review: Apple's 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K display still best all-in-one aroundrating

11/09/2015, 08:35:PM

A 27-inch 5K iMac is no longer a novelty, but 2015's model is an upgrade bound to satisfy most Mac users -- though Apple did, strangely, decide to hold back on certain key advancements.


Review: Apple's 21.5-inch iMac with 4K Retina display is great, but skip the slow HDD modelrating

11/03/2015, 10:21:AM

Apple's marketing team didn't need to dig deep to dream up a campaign for the new 21.5‑inch iMac with Retina 4K display -- its best feature is in the name. The stellar ultra high-resolution screen mates well with Apple's chosen internals, but it would have been best if the company didn't cheap out with the slow base HDD model.


Review: Fourth-gen Apple TV with Siri Remote and tvOS App Storerating

11/02/2015, 08:00:PM

The new Apple TV has been revamped both inside and out, sporting an entirely new operating system dubbed tvOS that brings it even closer to iOS, along with an overhauled Siri Remote featuring voice input and a fantastic clickable trackpad. But it's what's yet to come -- namely, the growth of the Apple TV App Store -- that will make or break the next-generation set-top box.


Review: Logitech's Z533 computer speakers deliver bang for the buckrating

11/01/2015, 05:39:AM

Logitech's 2.1-channel Z533 speaker system may not be the pinnacle of home audio, but it more than gets the job done at a very reasonable price.


Review: Apple's Magic Keyboard was made to hit the roadrating

10/26/2015, 08:29:PM

With a compact, sleek design and Lightning-rechargeable internal battery, Apple's Magic Keyboard is a prime candidate to replace your current portable keyboard, though its utility for Mac owners is less clear.


In-depth review: Apple's iPhone 6s & 6s Plus with 3D Touchrating

10/01/2015, 08:46:AM

Last year's iPhone 6 and 6 Plus introduced a larger, slimmer form factor housing higher resolution Retina HD screens and improvements in processors, cameras and wireless. While Apple's latest 6s and 6s Plus models look virtually identical, the company has significantly improved nearly every key feature, from a stronger glass and metal exterior outside to high-performance components inside, including a new pressure sensitive 3D Touch display.


Review: Corning's USB 3.Optical cable delivers on long distance promiserating

09/07/2015, 07:51:PM

Corning's USB 3.Optical cable replaces copper with fiber optic filament for faster sustained data transfer over much longer distances than standard USB 3.0 cables, but that speed comes with a few caveats.


Review: Grip&Shoot iPhone camera grip with Bluetooth shutter triggerrating

09/05/2015, 04:39:PM

The Grip&Shoot is a versatile Bluetooth accessory with a handle, trigger, and tripod mount, allowing for a steadier hold on your iPhone while taking pictures or shooting video. We think it could appeal to some videographers or people who want capture images remotely, but its dependence on third-party apps will be a dealbreaker for some.


Tools for digital nomads: OneAdaptr Twist Plus and Nimbus USB LED lamp reviewsrating

08/23/2015, 03:06:PM

As an increasing number of knowledge workers turn to lives of perpetual travel, companies have begun to respond to the shifting market with new products designed specifically for them. AppleInsider took a look at two of these: OneAdaptr's Twist Plus and Nimbus's USB LED lamp.


Review: iHome iSP5 SmartPlug gives dumb appliances a brainrating

08/14/2015, 09:48:PM

Longtime "Made for iPhone" accessory maker iHome is diverting course from its bread-and-butter bedside alarm clock/radios toward the burgeoning connected home sector. Its first product, an app-connected, HomeKit-compatible smart plug called...SmartPlug, was released Thursday and AppleInsider has the review.