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Topic: iOS 5

Error 3200: Massive iOS 5 demand hinders Apple’s servers

10/12/2011, 08:10 pm

Apple's servers were bogged down on Wednesday from an overwhelming number of iOS users trying to update their devices to the newest version of the software, prompting some to receive an “Error 3200” message.


Apple TV gets AirPlay mirroring, Photo Stream, NHL and WSJ Live

10/12/2011, 05:10 pm

Apple released a software update for its second-generation Apple TV on Wednesday offering support for iOS 5 features like AirPlay mirroring and Photo Stream, along with new channels from content producers.


Inside Apple's iPhone 4S and its A5 CPU: 'S' is for Speed

10/12/2011, 04:10 pm

The voice recognition technology and improved camera in Apple's iPhone 4S are made possible by the custom-built dual-core A5 processor that powers the handset.


Apple updates iWork, iPhoto, Aperture and more, adds Cards & iTunes trailers apps

10/12/2011, 03:10 pm

Even more Apple-built iPhone and iPad applications were improved Wednesday for iOS 5, with the iWork suite, iMovie, Remote and Find My iPhone receiving updates. Also, the company released a new iTunes Movie Trailers application, along with its previously announced Cards ordering software.


Apple releases iOS 5 for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch & Apple TV

10/12/2011, 01:10 pm

As promised, Apple on Wednesday issued iOS 5, the next generation of its mobile operating system that powers the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with wireless syncing, iCloud support and the new Notification Center.


Apple releases Find My Friends, AirPort Utility apps for iOS 5

10/12/2011, 10:10 am

Continuing to debut iCloud-powered software and new features for iOS 5, Apple on Wednesday released Find My Friends and AirPort Utility on the App Store.


In-depth Review: Apple's iOS 5 mobile operating system

10/12/2011, 02:10 am

Apple's latest reference release of its mobile platform, iOS 5, isn't going to leave users wondering if they should upgrade. It's free, it has no real downsides, and has no competition among iPhone, iPod touch and IPad users. But here's a look at what's new and why it matters.


Inside Apple's iPhone 4S and its 8MP camera: 'S' is for Shutter

10/11/2011, 11:10 am

The iPhone 4S sports a higher-resolution 8-megapixel camera, but beyond the pixels is a greatly improved lens that will allow for faster picture taking, and image stabilization when shooting 1080p video.


Apple's free iMessage expected to undermine carriers' high-profit SMS business

10/11/2011, 01:10 am

Apple’s upcoming free messaging application iMessage in iOS 5 will likely disrupt wireless carriers’ thriving SMS texting business when it arrives on Tuesday, according to multiple analysts.


iPhone 4S, iOS 5 dramatically boost BrowserMark scores

10/10/2011, 03:10 pm

Benchmarks performed on Apple's new iPhone 4S demonstrate a huge leap in performance over the existing iPhone 4, although iOS 5 also improves the performance of Apple's existing devices.


Inside Apple's iPhone 4S: 'S' is for Siri voice recognition

10/10/2011, 01:10 pm

Apple will bring voice control to the next level with this week's launch of the iPhone 4S, leveraging its acquired Siri technology to allow users to perform complex tasks by simply speaking aloud.


Real Racing 2 first iOS game with 4-person split big screen action via AirPlay

10/06/2011, 09:10 pm

Game developer Firemint has announced a new feature for the iOS 5 update to its "Real Racing 2" game that will offer the first 4-player split-screen iOS gaming experience on an HDTV by leveraging the computing power of Apple's A5 processor and AirPlay wireless streaming technology.


Apple invites developers to submit iOS 5, iCloud-enabled Lion apps

10/05/2011, 02:10 pm

Apple on Wednesday put a call out to developers, encouraging them to submit their updated applications built for iOS 5 and iCloud, set to launch in one week.


Apple posts video stream of iPhone 4S keynote

10/04/2011, 05:10 pm

Apple has posted video of Tuesday's special event to unveil the iPhone 4S, with Siri voice control technology, online for the public to see.


Apple releases GM build of iOS 5, new OS X 10.7.2 to developers [u]

10/04/2011, 04:10 pm

Apple on Tuesday issued the golden master build of iOS 5, the next-generation operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, to members of its development community, along with a new build of Mac OS X 10.7.2 [updated].


Apple's iPhone 4S coming Oct. 14 with Siri voice control and 4G-like speeds

10/04/2011, 02:10 pm

Apple's newest smartphone, the iPhone 4S, is a world phone powered by the company's speedy A5 processor, and features a new antenna design that can allow file transfers up to twice as fast as its predecessor, as well as voice recognition functionality for a new handsfree experience.


Apple to release iOS 5 & iCloud for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch on Oct. 12

10/04/2011, 01:10 pm

iOS 5, the next major update to Apple's mobile operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, will publicly be available for download next Wednesday, Oct. 12.


Apple issues fourth beta of iWork apps for iOS 5 & iCloud

10/01/2011, 03:10 pm

Apple on Saturday issued a fourth beta of its iWork applications for iOS, allowing developers to test Pages, Numbers and Keynote with iCloud and iOS 5.


Apple working to secure worldwide cloud-music rights ahead of Oct. 4

09/30/2011, 07:09 pm

Apple is far along in negotiations to obtain international cloud-music licenses from record companies and publishers, a new report claims, and may secure a deal in time to announce it at the company's iPhone event on Oct. 4.


Mockups demonstrate Apple's anticipated iPhone 5 'Assistant' feature

09/30/2011, 03:09 pm

A new video demonstrates how Apple's "Assistant" voice control functionality in its forthcoming fifth-generation iPhone is expected to work.