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Topic: RIM

New RIM CEO will not change strategy on PlayBook, BlackBerry 10

01/23/2012, 10:01 am

Despite the fact that it has a new CEO at the helm, Research in Motion will not see a major shakeup in the near future, and will continue to support the PlayBook tablet and the BlackBerry 10 platform as previously planned.


64GB iPhone 4S takes 21% of sales, 36% of iPhone buyers come from another platform

01/23/2012, 10:01 am

A new survey of recent iPhone customers found that 21 percent of iPhone 4S buyers chose Apple's highest capacity 64-gigabyte model, while 36 percent of users migrated from another platform like Android, BlackBerry or Palm.


Apple iOS leading among corporate users, Android deemed most risky

01/18/2012, 04:01 pm

A new study on the use of mobile devices in corporate environments shows Apple's iOS overtaking RIM's BlackBerry in popularity, while third place Android is described as the "most risky" mobile platform in terms of security problems.


iPhone 4S launch propels surging Apple 20% to close the gap with Android

01/18/2012, 08:01 am

The launch of the iPhone 4S last October had an "enormous impact" on the U.S. smartphone landscape, boosting Apple's share among new buyers by almost 20 percent and putting it neck-and-neck with Android in December.


Smartphone makers plan to mirror Apple's approach with fewer models each year

01/13/2012, 08:01 am

Four major smartphone makers are reportedly planning to reduce the number of new handsets they produce, in an attempt to capture the success Apple has had in releasing just one iPhone model each year.


Apple awarded 676 patents in 2011, ranks 39th among all companies

01/11/2012, 11:01 am

Apple was awarded a total of 676 patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in 2011, ranking it No. 39 among companies awarded inventions in the U.S.


54% of future smartphone buyers say they'll choose Apple's iPhone

01/09/2012, 08:01 am

A new survey has found Apple has "explosive momentum" at the beginning of 2012, with more than half of people who plan to buy a smartphone in the next 90 days choosing Apple's iPhone.


RIM strangely charging same $299 for 16GB, 32GB & 64GB PlayBook models

01/03/2012, 12:01 pm

As Research in Motion is rumored to be planning for a major shakeup in its board of directors, the company has begun an odd sale in which all PlayBook models, regardless of capacity, are priced at $299.


Apple gains ground while Android pushes to 50% share of US market

12/29/2011, 07:12 pm

Apple's iPhone grew 1.4% in the U.S. mobile OEM and smartphone OS markets during the three months ending in November, but Google's Android platform continued to dominate and gained 3.1% in its march to acquire half of America's subscribership.


RIM turned down multiple takeover bids despite financial woes

12/20/2011, 06:12 pm

Research in Motion reportedly turned down offers from Amazon and other potential buyers, and is opting to fix its own problems by leveraging upcoming BlackBerry handsets and existing services.


iPhone leads competition in UK holiday smartphone sales

12/19/2011, 06:12 pm

The iPhone 4S accounted for nearly one out of every four smartphone sales in the UK during the lead up to the holiday season, retains top spot while handset makers compete for a piece of the region's exploding smartphone market.


RIM now worth less than Apple's App Store alone

12/19/2011, 09:12 am

Research in Motion's struggles in the smartphone market have driven its stock price so low that the company is worth less than the estimated value of just Apple's App Store.


Delayed again, RIM's BlackBerry 10 OS viewed as too little, too late

12/16/2011, 08:12 am

Following Research in Motion's announcement that its forthcoming BlackBerry 10 mobile operating system has been delayed yet again, Wall Street watchers have begun to wonder if the company will be too late to the high-end smartphone market to recover.


Smartphone use exploding, Apple's iPhone 4 remains on top

12/15/2011, 02:12 pm

US smartphone penetration in the mobile market is up dramatically, more than doubling its share over the past two years, and Apple's iPhone 4 remains the most popular model.


40% of BlackBerry, Windows & Android smartphone owners prefer Apple's iPad

12/08/2011, 09:12 pm

More than 40 percent of owners of smartphones on BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Android platforms prefer Apple's iPad to tablets from their current smartphone operating system makers, according to a recent survey.


Unsold PlayBook inventory costs RIM $485 million

12/02/2011, 09:12 am

Research in Motion announced on Friday that its inability to sell PlayBook tablets to consumers has forced the company to take a $485 million charge.


Carrier IQ data logging controversy prompts scrutiny from US Senate

12/01/2011, 03:12 pm

Extensive data logging software known as "Carrier IQ" has been discovered to be secretly running on many mobile phones, including a number of handsets powered by Google Android, prompting one U.S. senator to demand answers from the company.


Apple still No. 1 manufacturer in growing US smartphone market

11/29/2011, 05:11 pm

While smartphones sales continue to grow in the U.S., accounting for 56 percent of all cellphone sales in Q3, Apple remained the top individual device maker despite buyers holding out for October's iPhone 4S release.


Apple, Graphics Properties Holdings battle with multiple patent suits

11/29/2011, 11:11 am

In a handful of newly filed patent infringement lawsuits, Apple is suing and also being sued by Graphics Properties Holdings, formerly known as Silicon Graphics Inc.


Pent-up demand helps iPhone take top spot in UK market with 43% share

11/28/2011, 07:11 pm

Existing iPhone users' demand for a new device helped push Apple's U.K. market share to nearly 43% in October, beating Android-based handset sales in the region for the first time since late 2010.