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Taiwan's animators ridicule China over "PR smear campaign" against Apple. Inc.

Taiwanese Animation mocked the mainland Chinese government, its CCTV state media and its cozy relationship with domestic brands including Huawei, Xiaomi and ZTE in a spoof video portraying what it called the "Apple iPhone electric shock scandal."

"Suspicious much?" the animators ask. "Apple's image troubles in China, from its warranty policies to concerns over product safety, have caused it to take the unprecedented step of offering heavily discounted genuine chargers to win over Chinese customers after fake chargers were linked to electrocutions."

The animation portrays phony cellphones labeled "iPhone 6" as being sold in a fake Apple Store as police pay no attention to its logo falling off and hitting a bystander.

The video then portrays recent Western security and spying concerns related to Chinese brands including Huawei and Lenovo, portraying a scene where a user shakes an enormous bug from a Chinese-made device conspicuously branded as Huawei.

Source: E-Commerce Times

It then states "China's state TV and press have lined up to wage a smear campaign against Apple, and have scare customers to build support for domestic phone brands including Huawei, ZTE and Xiaomi," presenting CCTV newscasters throwing excrement at their audience.

"In response," the video's narrator states, "Apple has tried to appease customers in its second biggest market first with apologies for perceived poor customer service and now cheap chargers to mitigate the harm from the rumored and unverified cases of electrocution, even though their products have not been found to be responsible."

The video presents a user trying to return a faulty charger, only to get electrocuted by a child wielding a mobile device.

"Apple's name has already been tarnished by false reports and deliberate misinformation," the video states. "The Chinese government seems intent on getting people to use local brands as it transitions its economy to one based on domestic consumption and take its companies worldwide."

In a final scene, China's government, represented by a Panda wearing a PRC hat, watches as men labeled with Chinese brands Huawei, Xiaomi and ZTE present a device that is magically used to revive the electrocuted woman.