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Unlocked, SIM-free iPhone 5s now available from Apple's online store

Customers wishing to purchase an unlocked, off-contract iPhone 5s in the United States can now do so sans a T-Mobile SIM card as Apple has put the handset's SIM-free variant up for offer.

SIM-free iPhone 5s

Unlocked versions of Apple's new flagship iPhone 5s have been available since the model's launch in September, but previously came preinstalled with a T-Mobile SIM card. The iPhone 5c, in contrast, has been available in an unlocked, SIM-free configuration the entire time.

Both the T-Mobile and SIM-free variants share the A1533 (GSM) model designation, bringing support for all major North American GSM carriers— AT&T and T-Mobile in the U.S. and Bell, Rogers, and Telus in Canada— as well as several smaller, regional networks.

Customers who want their device more quickly may be better served to choose the T-Mobile variant for now. Shipping times for the SIM-free version stand at 1-2 weeks against just 3-5 days for the T-Mobile handset.