Apple shuts down manufacturing in Elk Grove

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"Apple Computer on Tuesday shut down its manufacturing operations in Elk Grove, idling a reported 235 workers as it attempts to cut costs in the cut-throat computer-making business," according to a breaking story first reported this afternoon by The Sacramento Bee.

According to The Bee, Apple will continue to run other operations at the facility on Laguna Boulevard, but declined to say what those operations entailed, or how many people remain employed there. Officials at the Cupertino-based company told the publication that it plans to move manufacturing to a third-party supplier in Southern California, but declined to provide further details.

In the brief article, The Bee is urgently reaching out to Apple employees, requesting that they contact the publication to provide further details surrounding the closing of the company's manufacturing operations. AppleInsider is requesting the same.

Apple and Elk Grove employees with further information are asked to kindly contact us at [email protected] or use one of our online news submission forms.