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Apple advertising Mac OS X in TIME magazine (images)

Apple Computer this month took the first steps towards advocating its Mac OS X 10.4 \"Tiger\" operating system, placing print ads in prominent publications such as TIME magazine. Analysts expect TV ads to follow.

Pages three and four of the May 30th issue of TIME features a dual-page spread titled \"Find Stuff\" and \"Find Out Stuff.\" The captions, which appear below images of Spotlight and Dashboard, have been reproduced below.

Find Stuff: Mac OS X Tiger. The world\'s most advanced operating system now puts even more power at your fingertips. With new features like Spotlight, Mac OS X\'s amazing search technology that lets you instantly find anything on your Mac - documents, e-mails, contacts, bookmarks, images, even things inside PDF files.

Find Out Stuff: And Dashboard, a whole new world of timesaving widgets. Instead of having to visit multiple websites for things like weather forecasts, stock queries, business listings or airline flights, Dashboard brings it all to you instantly, then disappears instantly so you can go back to what you were doing. Just two of Tiger\'s more than 200 new features that will change how you use your computer.

In addition to the print ads, Merrill Lynch analyst Steve Milunovich recently hinted that Apple plans to debut new television ads that also focus on the Mac, rather than the iPod. His comments followed a sit-down with Apple Chief Financial Officer, Peter Oppenheimer.