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Facebook's Zuckerberg says he was coached by Steve Jobs


Social networking guru Mark Zuckerberg says that Steve Jobs coached him on building Facebook, from company focus to choosing the right management team.

In an interview with Charlie Rose that is set to be aired on Monday, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg revealed that Steve Jobs advised him on how to build a better company, from management to overall mission, reports Bloomberg.

"I had a lot of questions for him,” Zuckerberg said. Jobs reportedly advised on “how to build a team around you that’s focused on building as high quality and good things as you are," and "the aesthetics and kind of mission orientation of companies."

Zuckerberg, who is ranked No. 14 on Forbes' list of the richest people in America, mentioned during the interview that he worked well with Apple and sought Jobs' advice as Facebook grew amidst pressure from tech giants like Google. It was reported that the Facebook president admired Jobs, and based his early management style after that of the late Apple CEO.

According to his biography, Jobs felt that it was his responsibility to give up-and-coming tech executives advice, pulling from his over 35 years of experience in the industry. During a '60 Minutes' interview with his biographer, the late Apple co-founder said he admired Zuckerberg for trying to grow Facebook instead of selling it.

"You know we talk about social networks in the plural but I don't see anybody other than Facebook out there. It's just Facebook— they're dominating this. I admire Mark Zuckerberg," Jobs said. "I only knew him a little bit, but I admire him for not selling out. For wanting to make a company. I admire that a lot."

The upcoming Charlie Rose interview also includes Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg and is expected to air Monday night on Bloomberg Television.