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Video describes iPhone 5 face as longer, thinner and more scratch resistant

A video purporting to examine the front panel of the upcoming iPhone 5 in comparison with the existing iPhone 4S details new differences in specifications, yet remains consistent with previous reports of a larger, taller display and a centered FaceTime camera.

The video, distributed by ETrade Supply details a new iPhone 5 screen part as having a Home button 0.3mm narrower (allowing for a shorter lower "chin") with room for a larger 4.06 inch display, thanks to a frame that is 13.6 mm taller but the same width.

The video notes that the new panel has higher light transmittance, a feature that should help the screen appear brighter without as much backlighting, potentially contributing to better battery life. It also indicates that the new screen is significantly more resistant to scratches.

The new panel's glass is also measures just .9 mm thick, compared to the 1.0mm thickness of the present iPhone 4S.

The thinner glass is consistent with a report by the Wall Street Journal that stated Apple will now be using a touchscreen sensor integrated into the device's LCD panel, an advance known as "in-cell technology."