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Passbook app usability enhanced for first-time users in iOS 6.1 beta

New Passbook explanation pass as seen in iOS 6.1 beta.

With Apple's release of the second iOS 6.1 beta, the company added a explanatory note in the Passbook app for first-time users, a change from the current setup that directs users to Passbook-ready apps on the App Store.

Looking deeper into the second iOS 6.1 beta Apple released earlier on Monday, a helpful addition to Passbook was found that gives first-time users a better understanding of the app and its functions.

Unlike the current iteration of Passbook, which displays a brief explanation of the app that disappears once a pass is added, the iOS 6.1 beta version comes with a dedicated welcome message offering a more comprehensive introduction to the digital repository's functions. The new message comes in the form of a pass, which can be deleted manually, and retains the button that takes users directly to the "Apps for Passbook" section of the iOS App Store.

Passbook iOS 6.1

Passbook was first introduced in iOS 6 as an easy-access storage solution for third-party coupons, tickets and passes and more. Upon rollout, only a handful of apps were supported by Passbook, however that number has grown to include digital assets from companies like Starbucks. The storage app is currently only available for the iPhone and iPod touch, and there has been no word on future iPad compatibility.

Most recently, Apple itself finally added Passbook support for its Apple Store gift cards, which can now be purchased and sent by email through the iOS Apple Store app.