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IFTTT's streamlined 'Do' apps get Apple Watch treatment, iPad support

Popular Web-based productivity tool If This Then That on Wednesday announced upcoming Apple Watch support for its one-touch workflow activation apps Do Button and Do Note, as well as iPad compatibility for all three titles in the "Do" apps collection.

It's almost as if IFTTT was planning for Apple Watch when it launched Do Button in February, an app that lets users swipe between pre-configured recipes and tap to do anything from controlling a Nest thermostat to posting on social media websites.

Since IFTTT recipes are Web-based, Internet-connected hardware doesn't require direct support for Apple Watch, iPhone or iPad, opening up control for a great number of Internet of Things devices. It also means users can remotely set thermostat temperatures, turn off house lights, open garage doors and more using cellular data networks.

Do Button has hooks into more than 170 apps, including a wide variety of software services like Google's productivity suite, Evernote, Twitter and tumblr.

As for Do Note, Apple Watch owners will be able to speak into the device to create notes in Evernote, create events to Google Calendar, post tweets and more. This text-to-speech functionality and support for numerous online services is a great way to interact with Watch without running multiple first-party apps.

Finally, IFTTT announced today that all three Do apps, including Do Camera, have been redesigned for iPad. Updates to the free Do Button, Do Note and Do Camera apps roll out on Thursday through the iOS App Store.