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Apple releases Mac mini EMI firmware update to fix USB keyboard issue

Apple on Wednesday released an EMI update for Mac mini, addressing an issue that could in some cases prevent a USB keyboard from being recognized when waking from sleep.

As stated in the release notes for today's EMI firmware version 1.8, the update specifically targets late-2012 Mac mini models, though other iterations may be affected by the keyboard bug.

Aside from a few firmware updates, Apple has left the current Mac mini design untouched for years. In 2014, the company issued a spec bump with new-generation Intel Core processors and 802.11ac Wi-Fi capabilities, as well as a price cut to $499.

Amid constant updates to its iMac consumer-oriented desktop, Apple seems to have put Mac mini on the back burner. However, the diminutive headless Mac has a niche following who tout the unit's size-to-power ratio, flexibility and sleek design. Many users, for example, integrate Mac mini into home entertainment systems as a media server.

Today's EMI firmware update version 1.8 comes in at 4.8MB and can be downloaded through Software Update or Apple's website.