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Apple to update Magic Mouse & wireless keyboard with Bluetooth LE, integrated batteries, FCC reveals

Two newly published filings with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission reveal that Apple is planning to release a new Magic Mouse and wireless keyboard with support for the power sipping Bluetooth Low Energy specification.

The two new devices (1, 2) were revealed by the FCC on Friday, with accompanying documentation declaring that the hardware provided for testing "represents the final version of the equipment as it will be released to the market." They both feature Bluetooth 4.2 support with Bluetooth LE.

As noted by SlashGear, the filings also state that the new Magic Mouse and Apple Wireless Keyboard will feature integrated batteries and be rechargeable via USB. That's a change from the current hardware, both of which rely on user-replaceable AA batteries.

Conspicuously absent from the filings is Apple's Magic Trackpad, another wireless input device that relies on Bluetooth and currently uses AA batteries.

The FCC documents do not reveal when the new accessories might arrive, but given that they are meant primarily for use with Apple's desktop machines, it's likely that they would hit the market alongside the anticipated iMac refresh. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities said earlier this month that he expects new iMacs to debut this quarter, which concludes at the end of September.

That would make the new iMacs and accompanying accessories candidates to be unveiled at Apple's anticipated Sept. 9 event, where the company is also expected to showcase its next-generation "iPhone 6s" and a revamped Apple TV with Siri voice controls and a dedicated App Store.