'Bon Appetit' photographers shot all of March issue on Apple's iPhone

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Showcasing the power of the most popular camera in the world, professional photographers for Bon Appetit shot the food magazine's latest issue entirely with Apple's iPhone, with the publication calling it "the hippest pocket camera around."

Bon Appetit revealed the project partaken for its March issue in an update to its official blog on Tuesday. Photographers for the magazine commented on the pros and cons of going iPhone-only for a professional camera shoot.

The advantages of relying just on an iPhone are obvious, with photographers noting how little equipment they needed and how light their bags had become.

But the downsides were just as much cultural as they were technical: Photographer Matt Haas said he looked like a "tourist gone rogue" shooting with an iPhone 6s, and Cait Oppermann said she "felt like a creep" taking pictures on a phone of people waiting in line.

Daymon Gardner said shooting on an iPhone proved to be "liberating," allowing him to talk with subjects more freely while shooting. And Michael Graydon said shooting with Apple's handset forces the photographer to let go of their "ego," as a small handheld device lacks the "intense and professional" appearance of a large DSLR kit.

In terms of supplementing the iPhone, the photographers traveled light. Haas a selfie stick, while Graydon tricked out his iPhone with a tripod mount and accessory lenses equivalent to 50-millimeters, wide angle and macro.

The photographers involved came away with positive experiences, though they admitted their iPhone won't replace high-end dedicated cameras anytime soon.

"Photography is good no matter what you use, and I think there are iPhone photographers out there who take insanely good photos," Gardner said. "I still prefer to shoot with my Canon, but Mardi Gras just started here in New Orleans, and I'll definitely have my iPhone with me."

Portions of the all-iPhone Bon Appetit "Culture Issue" will be featured on the magazine's website throughout the month, and the issue will also be found on newsstands.


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