Get the Lowest Prices anywhere on Macs, iPads and Apple Watches: Apple Price Guides updated August 21st removes Apple Pay as payment option for laundry services

Popular on-demand delivery services platform on Friday notified users that it no longer accepts Apple Pay for laundry orders, saying the payment option was removed for problems outside the company's control.

As seen in the screenshot above, is sending out email notifications about the policy shift to customers who previously used Apple Pay to pay for a laundry order within the last few months. The firm has accepted Apple Pay for laundry orders for at least two years.

"With this payment method we were not able to ensure the level of service that we strive towards here at and have removed it due to problems outside of our control," the letter reads.

To make up for the updated terms, the company is offering users a $10 voucher to put toward their next laundry order.

Interestingly, the firm points out that other services, such as food and beverage delivery, are unaffected by the change. The modified conditions suggest a facet in's laundry order procedure is incompatible with Apple Pay's processing backend.

Customers who use's laundry service must provide weight estimates for clothes or other goods they want cleaned. Called "wash and fold," the service includes pickup, cleaning and re-delivery.

Wash orders are usually picked up within a business day, then weighed at the cleaning facility. If a weight discrepancy between the customer's per pound estimate and the retailer's confirmation is discovered, the price is adjusted and the proper amount is charged to a user's account.

While speculation, the estimate-based order system might have caused problems with Apple Pay processing. Apple's payments backend allows for some flexibility when it comes to adjusting transaction amounts, restaurant tips and gas pump charges being two examples. Frequently adjusted amounts from a single retailer, however, might raise red flags.

Considering laundry orders are based on store confirmation of customer estimates, modifications of transaction amounts initially approved in-app are likely a common occurrence. The process of constantly approving and re-approving charges might have delayed Apple Pay payouts, which would affect order turnaround.

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