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Google helps you find something to do with data from Eventbrite, Meetup, Songkick & more

Both Google's iOS application and mobile web search results are being updated to offer event data from services like Meetup and Eventbrite, making it easier for users to find something going on in their neighborhood.

Announced by the search giant on Wednesday, the new functionality works with queries such as "jazz concerts in Austin" and "art events this weekend." The effort is mobile-only for now, and can be accessed via Safari or the official Google app on an iPhone.

Upon searching, users are provided with at-a-glance details about upcoming events, including title, date, time, and location. Tapping on one provides details and the ability to purchase tickets, where applicable.

In addition to apps and sites like Songkick, Google's algorithm taps into a variety of sources, including local calendars and services, to find nearby events. Users can sort the search results by timeframes including "today" or "next week."

Queries can be as specific as for concerts or art exhibits, or a vague "events near me" to get a variety of options delivered.

Accordingly, Google has also invited web developers to check out a series of guidelines to help ensure that people can find listings when they're searching on Google.

Though the feature was announced on Wednesday, it does not yet appear available in all areas, suggesting it is in the midst of a static rollout.