Activity app challenge awards go missing for some iOS 12 upgraders

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Some iPhone owners may notice some of their Activity Challenge awards have disappeared from their list of achievements after updating to iOS 12, Apple warns, advising a fix to restore the missing accolades is on the way.

A number of users have discovered that five challenge awards will not be visible in the Activity app on their iPhone, if they have upgraded to iOS 12. Normally appearing in the Awards tab within the app, the five limited edition awards are earned by completing set tasks during a specific day, making them unavailable to collect at any other times of year.

The five awards include the Thanksgiving Day Challenges of 2016 and 2017, the Mother's Day Challenge for 2017, the Veterans Day Challenge 2017, and 2018's China National Fitness Day 2018.

A support document published on Monday advises Apple is aware of the issue and will address it in an upcoming software update. No timing is provided for when to expect the fix to be issued.

The wording of the document suggests that it is only a temporary issue and not permanent, with those who earned the awards likely to see them on the page at some point in the future.

Used in conjunction with the Apple Watch, the Activity app provides a number of achievements to its users to encourage fitness, with people sharing their activity receiving alerts when others completes a challenge. While most relate to retaining streaks or setting new personal records, Apple does occasionally set time-limited challenges in celebration of events.

Released on Monday, iOS 12 introduces a number of changes to the operating system, including improved performance for older devices, Screen Time app usage monitoring, MeMoji, enhanced notifications, changes to core apps, and other alterations.

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