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Nintendo opens 'Dr. Mario World' preorders ahead of July 10 launch

Nintendo on Monday announced a launch date and opened App Store preorders for the hotly anticipated "Dr. Mario World," an iOS version of the classic "Dr. Mario" match-three puzzle game.

Announced in a post to Nintendo's official Twitter account, Dr. Mario World will hit iOS devices for pill and virus matching fun on July 10. The company is allowing fans to "pre-register," or preorder, the title via the App Store.

In the Tetris-inspired game, players are tasked with clearing a board of colored viruses using like-colored capsules. Matching three blocks wipes those pieces off the grid, while special items like Koopa shells and bombs do more damage.

At launch, the game will consist of stages multiple stages spread across five worlds. Nintendo says it plans to add additional worlds and surprises in future updates.

Unveiled in January, "Dr. Mario World" will be marketed as a freemium game with optional in-app purchases. Diamonds are Nintendo's in-game currency of choice and can be used to buy special items, continue unsolved stages or add "hearts," which are required to start new levels. Like other popular freemium games, hearts regenerate over time and can be sent to other players over social media networks Line and Facebook.

Nintendo also mentions a versus mode for one-on-one gameplay, though it is not clear if the feature will be supported as part of the app or through social network integration.

For more information and release details, visit Nintendo's dedicated Dr. Mario World website.