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The Sims Bowling released for fifth-generation iPods

Making good on its word to deliver, Electronic Arts on Tuesday evening released its interactive Sims Bowling game for Apple Inc.'s fifth-generation iPod digital media players.

"Join The Sims for fun bowling action! Enjoy challenging, realistic bowling anytime," reads a description of the title. "Use the Click Wheel to control, aim, adjust your power, add spin, and then send the ball screaming down the lane."

"The Sims Bowling party comes to life with vibrant graphics, sound effects, and multiple game modes," the description continues. "Enjoy 'Sims Life,' in which you create a Sim and compete in a popularity contest, or bowl against a friend in 'Pass-n-Play.'"

The $4.99 title, which is available from Apple's iTunes download service, is compatible only with fifth-generation iPods that are running iPod Software 1.2 or later. It will not run on other iPod models or the iPhone, Apple notes.

Among the game's many listed features are "accurate physics and vibrant graphics," a practice mode, and the ability to earn 'Simoleons' in order to customize your Sim's bowling gear.

Electronic Arts, which recently made a major re-commitment to Apple's Mac platform, has also promised to release at least three more iPod games before the end of the year.

Sims Bowling

Screenshots from the Sims Bowling for iPod.