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Apple removes competitors' phones from iPhone 4 antenna page

Apple's iPhone 4 antenna page, which shows the great lengths the company goes to in order to test its handsets, no longer features videos of competing smartphones losing reception when held improperly.

The "death grip" videos previously posted at showed a number of handsets experiencing signal attenuation when held. Most recently, Motorola's Droid X had been added to the page.

The antenna information page had also previously shown Research in Motion's BlackBerry Bold 9700, HTC's Droid Eris, Samsung's Windows Mobile Omnia II, Nokia's N97, as well as Apple's own iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.

Competing smartphone makers took issue with the fact that Apple had compared their phones to the iPhone 4. They argued that their phones did not experience the same level of signal attenuation as the iPhone 4, which can lose signal strength when the bottom left corner of the device is touched. But Apple's videos of the phones suggested otherwise, showing popular handsets losing signal when held in the hand.

The videos, however, remain on Apple's official YouTube channel.

The official antenna page still features one video, that offers an inside look at Apple's antenna testing labs. The company has invested more than $100 million in its advanced labs, which feature 17 different, state-of-the-art anechoic chambers designed to measure antenna and wireless performance.