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Belkin officially releases QODE Thin Type keyboard for Apple's iPad Air

Mobile accessory maker Belkin on Thursday announced that its QODE Thin Type keyboard, a slim Bluetooth-connected aluminum keyboard for the iPad Air, is now available for purchase nearly six months after its debut.

Originally unveiled last October, the QODE Thin Type is made of anodized aluminum and comes in at just 4 millimeters thick. The keyboard attaches to Apple's tablet using the built-in Smart Cover magnets and sports an "auto off" function designed to conserve power.

Belkin touts the Thin Type's design as a way to combine a protective screen cover and keyboard into a single piece. The keyboard does not, however, act as a full case for the iPad.

The Thin Type will prop up an iPad in either portrait or landscape modes, and Belkin says the built-in battery is good for up to 79 hours of use or 3,100 hours on standby. Additionally, the keyboard sports iOS-specific function keys that grant quick access to features like copy and paste, volume adjustments, and music controls.

Since the initial announcement, Belkin has added a darker gray color option to the lineup. Both the white and gray QODE Thin Type Keyboard models are available now for $99.99 directly from Belkin or from resellers like Amazon.