Apple debuts new banners in retail stores, showcases iPhone and iPad through photography

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Apple Store employees around the world have been installing new light box wall graphics showing a completely different style than the usual product close-ups overlaid atop stark white backgrounds.

As seen in the above photo, the refreshed banner style is a departure from previous in-store ad installations, marking a shift in art style that also changes the mood of Apple's brick-and-mortar outlets, reports ifo Apple Store.

Whereas the previous banners created a sense of openness with their bright colors and plentiful negative space, Apple's new signage takes on a photographic style that resembles glossy print ads.

Looking closely at the wall hangings, some scenes appear to be inspired by Apple's recent iPhone and iPad television commercial campaigns. For example, the middle photo in the image above looks like it was taken from the recent "Your Verse" iPad spot featuring composer/conductor Esa-Pekka Salonen, while the picture to its right appears to be borrowed from an ad highlighting travel writer Cherie King. The banners don't looks to be actual screenshots, however.

According to the publication, Apple Store employees and customers have been posting photos of the new in-store dressing to social networks. So far, it looks as though Apple's banners are limited to the iPhone and iPad product lines.


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