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New Year's partygoers wearing Apple Watch will have 'most accurate watch in the room'

Apple's attention to detail encompasses the accuracy of the Apple Watch as a timepiece, thanks to a complex proprietary system of servers, satellites and more, making it one of the most accurate watches in the world.

The accuracy of the Apple Watch time was highlighted by Apple vice president Kevin Lynch in an interview with Mashable published Wednesday. In the interview, Lynch provided a number of details on how Apple ensures accuracy of its wearable lineup, including:

  • Apple has 15 Network Time Servers around the world
  • Each building connects to GPS satellites that gather time info from the U.S. Naval Observatory
  • A user's iPhone connects to the servers, which then sends time data to the watch
  • Unique hardware in the Apple Watch makes it four times more accurate at telling time than the iPhone
  • The Apple Watch also compensates for delays in sending data
  • In testing, Apple uses high-speed cameras that look for latency in a watch face's second hand

"With New Year's coming, those who have the Apple Watch will be the most accurate watch in the room," Lynch told Mashable.

Some existing traditional timepieces on the market also sync with world atomic clocks, accomplishing this through methods like GPS or other wireless technologies. By using the iPhone as a conduit, the Apple Watch can potentially sync the current time more frequently, allowing for consistency and accuracy at levels not seen in most traditional watches.