Elgato brings Apple HomeKit-enabled Eve Energy smartplug to US [u]

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Elgato on Tuesday announced that one of its HomeKit accessories, the Eve Energy smartplug, is now finally available stateside, following an earlier debut in Europe. [Updated]

Devices plugged into the Eve Energy can be turned on or off using Siri voice commands, or else the Elgato Eve app for iPhones and iPads. The app also lets uers monitor energy consumption, including through daily, monthly, and annual graphs.

The product can be combined into broader HomeKit "scenes" with other devices, though Elgato notes that since it uses Bluetooth Smart instead of Wi-Fi, it can't be triggered automatically that way. The company is expecting to offer a free update enabling automatic triggers once Apple adds support in a future version of iOS.

The Eve Energy is also limited to a single passthrough outlet, but is powered by the wall socket.

Elgato is selling the U.S. version of the Eve Energy for $49.95. Buyers must have a device with iOS 9.1 or later that also supports Bluetooth 4.0 Smart. For control away from home, people must have a third- or fourth-generation Apple TV.

Update: A previous version of the article indicated that the product runs on batteries, but Elgato has corrected its information to say the Eve Energy runs off wall power.