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Apple activates weekly App Analytics emails for devs, admits screen color management app onto iOS App Store [u]

Apple on Monday announced a new iTunes Connect feature that lets developers opt in to weekly App Analytics updates via email, while approving screen temperature and brightness management app FlexBright for iOS App Store sale.

With the new iTunes Connect tool developers can receive weekly email reports on their most frequently downloaded apps, according to an email notification sent to AppleInsider reader Gregg earlier today. Each email contains week-over-week metrics covering App Store views, app units, sales, sessions and crashes.

The email notification service is the latest upgrade to hit Apple's iTunes Connect developer hub, which recently received a facelift last September alongside functional additions like an option to schedule automated software release dates. Apple most recently built out an iTunes Connect Web portal called Podcast Connect for validating, publishing and managing podcast content.

Developers interested in opting in to Apple's weekly analytics service can do so by visiting Notifications in the "Users and Roles" iTunes Connect settings menu.

As for iOS App Store content, Apple recently approved device display brightness and color temperature management app FlexBright for distribution.

The addition comes nearly four months after a similar app called f.lux was shut down for using private APIs, a violation of App Store policy. It was speculated that Apple was clearing the field for Night Shift, an upcoming iOS 9.3 feature that automatically shifts display color temperatures to the warmer end of the spectrum to ease physiological effects of exposure to cold blue light.

FlexBright was originally created to reduce eye strain by monitoring user exposure to a device's blue light. Previous releases touted automatic brightness control, but the most recent version 2.0 adds in a "blue light filter" for shifting color temperature either manually or by time of day.

The latest FlexBright version is available for $2.99 from the iOS App Store.

Update: Apple has pulled FlexBright for violating App Store policy.