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Apple opens trade-up program to iPhone SE, 6s & 6s Plus with $315 maximum

Prospective iPhone 7 buyers looking to make money off their old iPhones can now turn in an iPhone SE, 6s, or 6s Plus as a part of Apple's trade-up program, though the store credit given may still be significantly lower than what's offered by some third parties.

Apple is offering up to $160 for an SE, $275 for a 6s, or $315 for a 6s Plus. The credit can be applied to any new iPhone, whether bought outright or through carrier financing. The exact amount depends on the condition of the phone.

The company has meanwhile lowered the money it's offering for older iPhones. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are valued at $200 and $225 —both $25 less —while the iPhone 5s has dropped from $125 to $90. The iPhone 5 and 5c top out at $50 and $40, and the company is halting iPhone 4s trade-ins entirely.

Trade-ins can be conducted by in-person at an Apple store, or using an online process through which people mail in their iPhone and get a gift card in return. The company is also accepting third-party smartphones, which can be valued anywhere from $20 to $315.

Before going with Apple, though, shoppers should consult AppleInsider's trade-in guide. Services like Amazon and Gazelle frequently offer more money, especially for higher-capacity unlocked models. Amazon, for instance, is offering up to $329 in credit for a 128-gigabyte iPhone 6s, more than Apple is willing to provide for a 6s Plus.