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Third public betas of iOS 10.3, macOS 10.12.4 arrive from Apple

A day after developers were issued fresh pre-release beta builds of all four of Apple's major platforms, new public betas of iOS 10.3 and macOS 10.12.4 are also available to download.

Device owners who have opted in to Apple's public beta program can now receive the updates over the air, via the Settings app on iOS and the Mac App Store in macOS. Both builds represent the third public beta of each release.

iOS 10.3 includes a new "Find My AirPods" feature that can help users track down Apple's new completely wireless headphones in the event that they are lost.

Other additions include a new reviews API, which limits how often an app can ask users to submit ratings on the App Store, as well as iCloud-connected device calling, and a floating one-handed keyboard for iPad users.

As for macOS 10.12.4, initial betas have brought Night Shift mode to the Mac, minimizing user exposure to blue light from device screens during nighttime working hours. This technique is thought to minimize impact on a user's circadian rhythm.

The forthcoming update is also expected to provide support for Shanghaiese dictation, as well as system APIs for reading, writing and navigating PDFs.

While macOS and iOS are included in Apple's public beta program, the company's other two major platforms— watchOS and tvOS— remain restricted to developers for beta testing.