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New iPad deliveries arriving, Personal Pickup at retail now an option for purchasers

Apple's new iPad has starting hitting purchaser's homes with deliveries originating in China, and those seeking an iPad today have the option of selecting Personal Pickup in the U.S. and Canada or trying their luck buying at the store without a pre-purchase.

AppleInsider has confirmed that Apple Retail has stock of the new iPad, with some stores having "hundreds" scaling down to only a few dozen in lower volume stores. Additionally, people who ordered early, and chose faster delivery are seeing deliveries on Thursday as well.

Initial demand at retail is "pretty heavy" according to AppleInsider sources at several Apple stores. Users wanting one today are recommended to buy online and select Personal Pickup, or head into the stores earlier rather than later as none of the stores we spoke with are expecting to have any stock at the end of the night.

An iPad ordered from Apple's website today is expected to be delivered between April 6 and April 11, depending on configuration and delivery speed requested.

Apple's 2017 9.7-inch iPad refresh was announced on March 21. The new iPad has an A9 processor, returns to a non-laminated screen, and is dimensionally identical to the iPad Air, and not the iPad Air 2 it replaces. AppleInsider will be examining the iPad late on Thursday.