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GN's iPhone-connected ReSound LiNX 3D hearing aid allows remote tuning by doctors

GN Hearing on Monday announced the ReSound LiNX 3D, a new version of its iPhone-connected hearing aid that will let doctors adjust settings remotely, instead of requiring follow-up appointments or leaving it up to owners.

The option is possible because of a new cloud infrastructure called ReSound Smart Fit, GN said. If a person needs help, they'll be able to request it via mobile.

Both the LiNX 3D and the original LiNX are "smart" hearing aids that prioritize voices and make use of geofencing to automatically adapt environmental settings. The devices can also switch on and off as needed, preserving battery life.

People will be able to control the LiNX 3D through upcoming iPhone and Apple Watch apps, which will also guide people in using the technology. GN claimed that the LiNX 3D will be up to 50 percent better than current competitors at picking out speech, and let people hear 80 percent more of the sounds around them.

The hearing aid and its apps are due to launch sometime later in 2017. Pricing has yet to be revealed. A device with similar features will be released under the Beltone name.